How To Parent Teenagers To Be Their Best Selves | Jon and Missy Butcher

How To Parent Teenagers To Be Their Best Selves | Jon and Missy Butcher

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Are you looking for parenting tips on how to build confidence and self esteem with your teenage kids? Jon and Missy Butcher describe an effective parenting style for teens in Lifebook. Sign up for their FREE masterclass ?

At Mindvalley University 2018 in Tallinn, Estonia, Vishen Lakhiani and Jon and Missy Butcher host an interactive talk about the book of life they created for adults and teenagers.

As parents, it’s important to teach your kids about positive thinking. An example of positive thinking is when your teenage kids feel bad after looking at social media. Remind them that what they see on social media is not reality and who you are as a person, has nothing to do with the amount of likes or friends you gain on social media.

With the inevitable peer pressures that kids face in adolescent life, social media amplifies the challenges in raising teenagers in the digital age. When teenage kids have confidence and self-esteem issues, some parents react by panicking that something is wrong with them. In fact, the teenage years is the most challenging time in child development because the subconscious mind is changing from a child to an adult.

In this video, “How To Parent Teenagers To Be Their Best Selves,” Lifebook creators Jon and Missy Butcher are raising teenagers as well, and share their perspective on how to build confidence by helping your kids embrace their passion and explore their hidden talents.

06:51 – Why did Jon and Missy decided to design the life of their children
13:23 – The pressures of teenagers face today
21:25 – Alternatives to public education
27:53 – About Lifebook for teens
36:42 – Ever changing life strategies and goals
40:28 – How do you maintain your goals?
56:40 – Hacking happiness

Parenting problems? Naw. How about an effective parenting plan?

Sign up for the book of life and discover self love meditation, parenting hacks, positive thinking, and more with Jon and Missy Butcher’s FREE masterclass


Jon and Missy Butcher are popular Mindvalley speakers who created Lifebook. They are entrepreneurs who travel around the world with their four children and their work. Together, they have founded 19 companies across the globe and continue to make appearances at Mindvalley events.

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