How to Keep Yourself From Complaining All the Time | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

How to Keep Yourself From Complaining All the Time | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

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In this video, Eckhart explains the importance of practicing spaciousness. Only when we master this technique do we have the ability to prevent ourselves from complaining about our own lives. While thinking can be used to manifest our reality, it is only through spaciousness and the cessation of thinking that we are able to create from the depths of Being.

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  1. I was born in Ethiopia, where I am called Raji. But still that sin, or my dark self, made me cater to caterpillars. Over the years, I have committed or committed many wrongs against myself and others around me. I now face a daunting challenge in my life and in my country. Please, I humbly ask you if you have anything to help me with the light in me.

  2. As I was listening peacefully to this video about how to become friendly with the present moment, the video was interrupted by an advertisement. I flew into a rage about how this particular present moment was preventing me from listening to the video about how to become friendly with the present moment. I clearly still have some work to do 😀

  3. Simply I love Eckhart… His ability to describe these untouchables field of life and even in funny way often… Its remedy for soul to listen any of his speaches 🙂

  4. I love learning from eckhart- but the ‘glass ting’ at the beginning of each video makes my shoulders jump up to my ears. Please, could you find a tone more soothing, in the lower registers?

  5. thinking is not how the mind is supposed to be used but because of identification with our "I" thoughts, it seems the only logical way.
    To get rid of this false idea of ourselves we need to stop thinking and in due time it will go away. The correct way is to let our thought processes flow and react to whatever the situation it is we are in and then we choose accordingly how we are to act.

    Without ever interfering with the thought processes we are able to use our minds as a tool and not get used by it.

  6. Just today I avoided 3 confrontations that may have happened as a result of one client not keeping to an appointed time. That led to a whole lot of collision with my other appointments n overall rush in picking my kids up from school. But each time I came face to face with the persons I wanted to scream at, I did not and only stated the fact in a very neutral tone while smiling. It surprised me especially coz I’m quiet the hot headed.

    I was not practicing presence consciously but somehow I believe listening to Eckhart continuously for the past 1 month have something to do with it. Let’s see how it goes.

  7. 🙏💜🙏 You can’t completely stop thinking 🤔 us being in the Body! Beautiful not being stuck in the mind 😅👍 Thats way watching the In Breathing and the Out-breath longer, the small pause In between,is a Chance to be more in the Now awareness!