Morning Motivation: Get Motivated in 60 Seconds | Brian Tracy

Morning Motivation: Get Motivated in 60 Seconds | Brian Tracy

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Everyone gets 24 brand-new hours to spend every single day. Our day-to-day tasks that need to be accomplished can feel unimportant, making it hard for you to motivate yourself to work on them. In today’s video, I want to talk to you about some ways you can get motivated quickly.

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  1. I love listening all your speaches where ever I am, every morning I do morning motivations and I hope to win myself .Thank you Mr Brian Tracy. I really like to have a friend for life like you

  2. Thank you for your wisdom and motivational advice. My three ways that give me quickly motivated in the morning are:

    1. Positive affirmations. For example, I am alive. I can see. I can hear. I can talk. I can walk. I can achieve anything.
    2. Write down my goals the night before with rank my priority
    3. Review my goals and take action

  3. Motivation without work no thing we’ll be achieve, so regardless of problems you face just work hard and smart, hopefully bright day we’ll come.

  4. Hii Brain it is Dr Ghazala here , my day starts 4.30 am in the morning the first thing i do is I pray _ then i go to the gym and while doing exercises i listen to the motivational speeches everyday for one and half hr go back home read books for another hour and then go to my job and do rest of the things

  5. most of the time think more of the benefit of my pursuit, and the advantages of my goal they are the why and they always keep me on track, if I feel like procrastinating I meditate on the benefit of the art by reading them aloud each for why following the action plan. The hits are so wonderful!

  6. I am Christian. Pray every morning. Read my bible. Write my plan list for the day, rewrite all my goals for this year and for the coming 5 years.
    Thanks you for this idea! It is very helpful.

  7. Good Morning Mr. Tracy, thank you for sharing your wisdom. My situation does not involve SELF CONFIDENCE. I am an ALPHA and I TEACH self-defence, so some insecurities do not apply to me. My situation involves the outside world. The world-wide situation and just people in general have become horrible and insane. I do not look forward to going out and doing necessary things such as shopping, etc. and look upon each occasion with dread.