How Do You Bring Presence into Everyday Life? | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

How Do You Bring Presence into Everyday Life? | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

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Eckhart recommends practicing Presence in small moments throughout the day. He suggests a few simple practices, including starting meetings with 30 seconds of stillness and cultivating awareness of background alertness during conversations.

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  1. Set aside little spaces throughout your day for 30 secs 'to be in your body' and Stillness/presence. After getting into your car. At the beginning of the meeting. Bring people into too

    6:22 "Alert listening." "One of the most creative ways to participate in a discussion group is to ask questions." "This is a part of the creative process of of finding solutions." "Some of the most creative people ask the most questions." "The Socratic Method"

    8:50 "'I am the only one who knows that he knows nothing' – Socrates"

    9:24 "That is also spiritual practice"

    9:55 Computers draw out attention outside out body and can deplete us. Where ever your focus goes, your energy flows.
    10:20 You can still be present in your inner body while doing 'outter' tasks. Even while grocery shopping ?

  2. The way I help people is very similar to the way of Eckhart. It is very important to use the Present Moment as a fresh new start, and as a door to meet our higher self. May You Have Peace! ??

  3. I sat on the balcony this morning and looked out and up at the sky, one of my favourite ways to start the day, then jotted down the many things that give me gladness. One of them is listening to Eckhart, whilst I was listening a suggestion in my mind arose that today is not good enough, my life is not good enough, thanks to Eckhart I did not dwell there instead I thought how good to have this day to live and I let go of the negative, judging thought. Thank you so much Eckhart.

  4. Question…
    Can you meet everybody in your whole life as though you were meeting them for the first time?
    you know what we
    (where) alike…??
    ..we both know what they're alike

  5. Eckhart Tolle has given us much; however, there is more. Spinoza and Gurdjieff’s teachings give us keys how to awaken our intuitive mind to understand the nature of our ego, then freedom from ego is possible. WayofSpinoza

  6. -Becoming aware of background of alertness when you listen to others
    -become aware of your own alertness as you listen
    -practice little bit of being into the doing
    -practice be in your inner body awareness
    -sense the presence that you are while you’re listening