Did Princess Diana’s Interview with Martin Bashir Cause Her Death? | Life Stories By Goalcast

Did Princess Diana’s Interview with Martin Bashir Cause Her Death? | Life Stories By Goalcast

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The Crown has been under scrutiny for its questionable historical accuracy, especially the portrayal of Princess Diana’s rocky relationship with the Royals. But we dug into the truth!

From the moment she was romantically linked to King Charles until her tragic and sudden death Diana was a magnet for tabloid and media attention.

But one particular interview with journalist Martin Bashir changed her life forever. She exposed the Royal family’s darkest secrets resulting in the Queen ordering Charles and Diana to divorce. But 25 years after the interview was aired it was revealed that Diana had been tricked and lied to by Martin in order to get her to trust him.

The interview had devastating repercussions for Diana and many argue it’s a reason she’s not alive today.

We dug into the turbulent relationship Diana had with the media and how her legacy continues to live on in Prince Harry long after her death.

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  2. I feel like we need someone like her in the world again…not to go through the horrible things she did, but to be a positive influence to the world like she was and still is to today. Someone who ppl can look up to. Someone who cares about others genuinely.

  3. 🙄The truth of the Royals are as Dark as Queen Elizabeth's teeth in the Thumbnail ,, Diana was Murdered for sacrificial purposes and possibly so Charles could marry Camilla because as long as Diana was Alive, he couldn't🤷🏾 Rest In Peace Princess Diana, Queen of Hearts ❤️

  4. This martin bashir is a real piece of sh..t.he did the same thing to michael jackson.he's dispicable fame seeking journalist.he effectively screwed over the two most kindest and nicest people in this world