HARD WORK BEATS TALENT – Best Motivational Video for Success in Life

HARD WORK BEATS TALENT – Best Motivational Video for Success in Life

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Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard! William Hollis, Billy Alsbrooks and Mat Wilson all deliver powerful motivational speeches on working hard and giving it everything you’ve got.

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William Hollis

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Billy Alsbrooks

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Billy’s book “Blessed and Unstoppable”: http://amzn.to/2seFIoN

Mat Wilson

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Fearless Motivation – Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Stops Working
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  1. ” Hard Work ” – Motivational Speech:

    When it comes to success, there is rarely EVER a time when LUCK comes into play.
    HARD WORK however always comes into play.

    Hard Work does not offer a guarantee of success…
    But without it, there is a GUARANTEE… 
The Guarantee of Failure!

    The harder i work the luckier i get!
    The harder i work the richer i get!
    The harder i work the GREATER my SUCCESS!

    Good things don’t come to those that wait
    Good things come to those that WORK HARDER THAN ALL OTHERS
    GREAT things come to those that will do WHATEVER IT TAKES
    GREAT things come to those that DO THE WORK WHEN NO-ONE IS WATCHING.

    The discipline to WORK HARD…
    Not when the cameras are on…
    Not When the haters are watching…
    But when there is no one watching, no one is caring…
    When The LIGHTS ARE OFF.
    How hard do you work when the lights are off?
    How often do you put in work when nobody is watching?

    It’s in the rising early,
    It’s in the double and triple sessions, the extra mile, the extra hour.
    It’s in those little moments that the GREATS are separated from the AVERAGE.

    CHAMPIONS, and SUCCESSFUL humans care not if anyone is WATCHING AT ANY MOMENT.
    They care for results from their efforts.

    Nothing worthwhile can be gained without hard work
    Indeed, It is in the greatest challenges and struggles you get your greatest satisfaction.

    On the field of life there is NO SUBSTITUTE for hard work
    HARD WORK BEATS talent 
    Make No Mistake!

    Don’t Look around to see if others are watching!
    Don’t Seek Recognition!
    Don’t Seek Approval!
    You don’t need it, and you will be better without it.

    It is impossible to beat a human that doesn’t give up.
    It is Impossible to beat THE HARDEST WORKER in the room

    Work Hard until the day you no longer have to introduce yourself
    Work so hard, until ONE DAY your signature will be called an autograph

    No Greater Satisfaction Than Knowing You Are SELF MADE.

    Work hard
    Play Hard
    Stay Humble

  2. Talent is often the byproduct of hard work. Some people are naturally born with a certain amount of talent, but it's also something that can absolutely be developed.

  3. The reason why people hard work beats talent because they don't give up on they want to be and they don't care what other people think. So they do what they can to make up for the lack of talent they don't have and achieve greater heights than others. ❤❤💪👍

  4. Gary Vaynerchuk seems to be a rising motivational guru. Now I respect this guy but his advice is to work like a dog. He spent about 14 years from 20 on working fourteen to sixteen hours a day and now is a mega millionaire. My question is this : is that really worth it? This week I am advising to my subscribers which I call "controlled laziness." Because if you want to increase your assets you can learn to invest well and it isn't that hard to manage once you have your strategy. But I'm not a fan of the eighty hour work week. For example, I am a contract physical therapist who can make 100K a year. But if I opened a clinic I could probably double that. And have an extra 30 hours a week running a business. They can have that. And that is my point. You can become successful and still become wealthy with smart investing and not sacrifice your life like Gary V does. You have one spin on earth as far as we know. You want to achieve greatness in all your planes–not just on the time clock. Hope this helps someone out there—Charles.

  5. I'm from the hood and Im proud.

    They should play this sht in the hood with 2 huge Bluetooth speakers 20,000 watts 🤣

    so we can understand life has no limits and anything is achievable 🔥😎😊

    Get rid of yo limited mindset and anything is achievable if you work it 😊😎🔥