Grit: the power of passion and perseverance | Angela Lee Duckworth

Grit: the power of passion and perseverance | Angela Lee Duckworth

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  1. I remember watching this in middle school and a couple of time in hs but I never looked into outside of that. This year I read her book and it was incredibly interesting and eye opening. When I have kids I’m going to implement her teachings, make my kids watch this video and read her book from a young age.

  2. Maybe everyone knows what IQ is, in the school environment I previously thought IQ was a determinant of intelligence where IQ was used as a benchmark for a student's intelligence and that was also ingrained in me and without realizing it I believed that I could not exceed other people who have iq is higher than me but from this video i can realize 3 important points
    The first point is that IQ scores are a measure of how smart a person is but not how much perseverance someone has and not a measure of how successful they will be
    The second point is that the determinant of success is not an attractive appearance, physical health and not IQ but perseverance
    The third point is that talent is also not a determinant of how much perseverance a person has and to have strong perseverance is the experience of failure

  3. After I watched this video, I thought that IQ is not the most important thing to predict someone's success in the future. the secret of success is persistence or what he calls 'grit' or patient and unyielding attitude

  4. This single point of understanding is perhaps one of the most crucial to living a satisfying life. What isn't understood here and by many I believe who realize this is that mentoring, NOT just teaching is the key. My father was a scout master for fifteen years and taught over 50 boys alongside other skilled and accomplished men what it meant to have discipline, commitment, and personal accountability. I did terrible in school at a young age but began to excel when I cultivated my ability to self-learn and self-motivate. We need more mentors and men play a key role in this. I hope to be part of a generation that steps up to equip the kids coming behind us to live a successful and fulfilling life. Thanks for the great lecture!