Inside Jason Momoa’s Relationships With Emilia Clarke and Lisa Bonet| Life Stories by Goalcast

Inside Jason Momoa’s Relationships With Emilia Clarke and Lisa Bonet| Life Stories by Goalcast

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Actor Jason Momoa’s life changed forever when he met actress, Emilia Clarke and soon-to-be wife, Lisa Bonet. But what really lies behind his relationship with his wife and the Game of Thrones co-star? This is everything you didn’t know about Jason Momoa…

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  2. How can someone be so perfect? Does it get boring having all your dreams come true Mr. Mamoa, lol Hollywood hates happiness and families.Good luck with everything not that you need it. ?❤️

  3. He is a wonderful family man who loves his wife to the ends of the world as he does his children he is a good actor and a gentleman genuine person true love lasts a life time theirs will to the end of time they will teach their kids about the earth they live on and how its damage and need help to repair, what the can do to help try and save the earth they are earth people they are spiritual people with lots of love to give and show people if they what to learn. Their children will grow up with what their parents pass on to them, they live in a wonderful place with animals and the children have a wonderful way of life they are taught about all animals and manuals, and dangerous ones which live around them I SAY TO TWO WONDERFUL PEOPLE AND THEIR WONDERFUL CHILDREN GOD BLESS YOU ALL MAY GOD WATCH OVER YOU ALL. VERY EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE. ??X

  4. Ok…they say to always embrace your inner child….but I seriously sobbed like a school girl during this video. Inspiring. Heartwarming. Gut wrenchingly beautiful. Superhuman strength and epic struggles that most people never realize. Thank you soooo much for sharing! ?

  5. I thought I loved Jason Momoa before but now I love him more! He's just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside! What a man! What I'd give! Thanks so much for sharing Goalcast!

  6. Kudos to Emilia Clarke for overcoming her illness. Jason Momoa has taken support to extreme levels! He should consider how his behaviour toward Emilia is affecting his wife!! He tells out publicly that he loves Emilia and that he visits her regularly WITHOUT his wife!!

  7. I believe that Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are in a marriage of convenience, for the sake of their children!
    They still care for each other but are no longer a couple!
    This would explain his relationship with Emilia Clarke. Lisa doesn't appear to mind his constant trips to London to visit his Queen, or the fact that he has publicly declared his love for Emilia on numerous occasions! He calls her "Baby" and Emilia calls him "Darling"!!
    I think she will be disappointed if she continues and wait for Jason to leave Lisa, not going to happen!

  8. I feel compassion for Amelia but jason is a married man saying over and over he loves her and supporting another woman like a soulmate, somewhere he needs to help people but also protect his family and wife and be aware of boundaries.