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  1. CT, the mindset you introduced me to helped me lose 55kg (121lbs) cease an alcohol addiction (was on 20 cans of cider a day, now completly sober) and recover from depression and anxiety, your words helped me through the hardest times when I had nothing else, the world had me beaten down and broken, toxic family members, no job, health problems, and they said it was impossible for me to recover. Now they keep their mouths shut. I realised the power was in my hands to change thanks to you, I stopped blaming the world for everything wrong in my life and realised if I was going to be happy it came down to dragging my ass to the gym and busting out some hard ass work.

    I now work as a Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Meditation Coach to try and show others there is a way forwards through even the darkest times. I just want to say thank you for all of the work you put in, you were a powerful voice in my ear when I had nothing else, people like yourself, David Goggins, Les Brown etc convinced me I just needed to get my sorry ass in the gym and work it all out, it was so simple yet so powerful. No matter the situation or where my head was at, it was still my motherf*cking set.

    I don't know if you read these, but if you do, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You save lives with your message, mine included.
    Peace and love

  2. I like how fluent and calm and determined CT is when speaking. It’s like his soul is giving out advice.
    It’s not really an obsession I would say, but the embodiment of what he is. He is beyond obsessed. He is structured from what he does

  3. Ct i grew up just like u man and found my home in the gym. Thank u for showing us we r not alone out here. Ppl never understand us but how tf could they. Most ppl don't grow up like we do.* A white boy from Mississippi *

  4. You are number one anyways. This world wants you to forget about yourself in the hustle and bustle of life. Get worried or stressed out over paying bills and whatnot. They want you to make the wrong choices for your physical self. That’s why most of the human population grow up and forget about their physical self. Gotta get back to it your body is the most important to you in this journey it’s your vessel. You let that vessel fall your journey is over with and they know that…..

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