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  1. This guy reminds me of one of my old coworkers. Not just because they have the same facial structure and posture, but also he has the same demeanor and outlook on life. We were at the bottom, we were line cooks at a restaurant. But he always talked about life, where yoi are, and where you end up. And how much control you actually do have over it, if you put in the effort required.

    I make 60k/yr now and about to be making almost 200k a year. I got here by finally recognizing my potential, taking leaps ive never thought id land, changing my lifestyle to reflect the lifestyle of successful people, and changing my mentality of what is possible.

    All this has done for me is increase my drive to want to be successful, want to raise successful children, and help my family and those in need along the way, not just financially but mentally too.

  2. When my daughter was going into her senior year in high school she told me “dad, don’t let me get my degree before you do.” That really hit me in the chest. I’ve attempted to complete my undergrad at least 3 times in the past 25 years. I took the challenge from my daughter seriously. I’m now a 47 year old junior in college and my daughter is a 19 year old sophomore. My plan is to complete my undergrad then complete my masters. I now realize that it’s not about the degree. It’s about the academic example and baseline that I set for my children and who I am becoming during this process. Thanks for the motivation, inspiration and perseverance ET!!! #GetItDone #GetToTheTop

  3. Hello my name is Robin Hawkins I am here Ms and watching your YouTube every day pushes me to get better and stronger my boyfriend turned me on to you 🙏🏽🙏🏽thank you

  4. Appreciate you E, he doing to much. Bro out his fucking mind tryna off me then expect me to just be cool wit it man we all been knowing each other for a minute it's no need for it. Much love

  5. I quit my job with 2k and started my taco stand it's hard should of waited till had more money still and wait is not in my vocabulary thou you live and learn it's hard but I'm still standing on 2 feet keep the videos coming boss man

  6. I went in the bathroom at work and prayed. I meditated in silence for 20 minutes until I heard words. I asked for guidance with clarity. They sent me this message on YouTube.

    It made so much of the things I thought were important leave my mind… and prioritize the growth of the soul.

    Nothing in this life is real.
    The only real thing is your soul.
    So do the things that grow your soul and your mission will become clear as when you open your eyes after a meditation session.

    It's just different.

    Devine rising.