Easing Into Relaxed Awareness When Experiencing Intense Physical Pain

Easing Into Relaxed Awareness When Experiencing Intense Physical Pain

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Kim emphasizes that the best way to deal with pain is not to resist it—and indeed, to not even mentally label it as “pain.” She leads the questioner and audience in an exercise for approaching physical discomfort and releasing the tension around it. Subscribe to find greater fulfillment in life: http://bit.ly/EckhartYT

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Eckhart Tolle is the author of The Power of Now, a #1 New York Times Bestseller, which has been translated into 32 languages and become one of the most influential spiritual books of our time.

In his most recent book, A New Earth, he shows how transcending our ego-based state of consciousness is not only essential to personal happiness, but also the key to ending conflict and suffering throughout the world.

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  1. One of the problems with different levels of truth is that it can be gaslighting or even abusing in the wrong context, even though it's not intended by the advisor.

    A good example is when teaching non-resistance to someone who's in pain. I see kim eng explain how to label the pain of the questioner as sensation, and to endlessly accept, like it'll be there forever (to bypass the need for the ego to want it to end asap.)
    The advise completely disregards the fact that the questioners pain may be pointing to physical, nutritional or psychological/ emotional changes she needs to make in her life.

    It's not "blaming" other people, to realise that you can choose to eliminate people from your life, move location or put up stronger boundaries.

    I'm talking from experience, I wanted a lot of escape when I started my awakening journey, but even meditation and detachment can be escapism!

    Pain has a valid function, it points to aspects of our lives that aren't working, but we need the inner work simultaneously, so that we don't endlessly project our problems onto external factors.
    But it's a fact that when you start to wake up, changing diet and sometimes your whole social circle is actually common.

    Another good example is eckharts video on forgiveness. You can drop to a space of realisation that nothing needs forgiving.
    Unfortunately, this is what we all do, but we do it from repression, and denial of our parent's and other's abuse, but keep our pain and it adds to the painbody.
    Most people need emotional work to come to that Level of truth: that your life is the perfectly orchestrated story of awakening through pain, and you thank your perpetrators, now recognised as teachers.

    I love their teachings, but every truth needs proper context.

  2. I get why Kim said accepting it as of it would last for eternity, but the way it landed makes people close down to her message and contract around it. The main thing is that the questioner is making a judgment about what is happening to her. She is making her experience wrong. The body senses the judgement she's made and increases the pain because the body does not feel safe under her perception that there's something wrong. The body takes the messages you send to it literally.

  3. Passed 20 kidney stones (Oxylates don't like me) so…I know pain and pain can certainly stem from emotion and psychosomatics and it can come from the bodies pain receptors when an situation arises that needs direct intervention. I hope this woman sought ought medical advice to rule out a more serious issue.

  4. Pain is beneficial in teaching you that you don’t want it, you want something else. What you want is love. You want the kind of love that is beyond description. What is in front and what is in the background?

  5. If I am willing to accept "this pain in my body forever," (in my case residual nerve pain following infection) what would be the impetus for making it change? I am willing to accept it as the state of now, that I need to center it, not exacerbate it with labels or judgement, and that there are steps I can take to try and soothe it, including identifying the emotional and social origins of my reactions to it. It is amazing that there are pharmaceuticals that can instantly relieve pain and much of the fear that accompanies it but we avoid using them. It is easier to teach oneself better coping strategy when one is not in physical pain.

  6. I don't think I could accept this pain forever, but in this moment I might be able to accept that I do not accept this pain and I might be able to Not Label this sensation.

  7. I also feel pain in the lower part of my body especially while I sit or meditate and yes it worked with me when I feel it and stop trying to change this feeling but sometimes it becomes so intense and it becomes hard..

  8. Kim, do you have repressed anger or some other emotion like it? Your face expresses it and I feel your attitude is hard when it comes to giving guidance and not really that helpful. Is your heart stuck in anger?

  9. …I’ve watched perhaps 100’s of these spiritual/mindful videos and that was the absolute worst answer to the issue of pain I have EVER heard.

    You accept that in the MOMENT you’re in pain, you accept it only so you don’t add more resistance to it, resisting pain is what makes it worse. You accept it in the moment, focus your attention on your breath, and tell yourself ‘it is passing away now…’. Also EFT helps for pain issues as it helps release whatever is keeping the pain in place by acknowledging it so it can move. Pain is stuck emotional energy, repressed emotions…that’s all it is.

    You don’t have to experience/accept it FOREVER!

  10. Eckhart speaking about suffering makes me cry. Like now. He is the only one that I don’t get upset when he talks about self made suffering. I too have physical pain hurting me for 10 years from my young years. He said don’t argue with what is . I learnt from him not to argue too. But I sit and my tears off down though I surrendered too. This is surrender or depression? I like to sleep and never wake up . I love when eckhart speaks with compassion in his eyes about suffering and I just cry not out of resistance but out of feeling weak and surrendered to What IS.

  11. I appreciate Kim's advice. But it seems to me that this ladies pain is not really about the pain… she sounds so anxious and worried in her voice. Sometimes you need to scream out the pain. Just sigh it out. Scream it out. And see what happens. Pain is inflammation and sometimes you need to get that energy going in the body for it to be able to get rid of that pain.

    And sometimes the pain is related to deeper feelings that haven't been dealt with… shame, guilt, worry… you name it.

  12. Kim meant to say, "Can you accept resistance again?" Instead she said can you stop resistance again. She should have said sorry I meant can you accept resistance again.

    Now it's just confusing.

  13. Ty for this great video..I totally get this..The word pain itself creates a fight against it, now, if we take the word away, and see it as a sensation, allow it, let go of resisting, it can help..Ive been noticing tension in my upper stomach area and I noticed I was automatically tensing up.. .it's there though stationary now..it feels stuck….the word pain, to me, creates an immediate fight against it, it's subtle, but it is a tensing up against it more, so, now I can let go of the word, because it's meaning is considered, unwanted, it's a saying no, this isn't good, so, it's the meaning that the word pain represents, that makes us fight against it, fight the feeling, so, if we can let go of the meaning, not denying the feeling, but letting go of the meaning, by saying, it's a sensation, then allow the feeling, allow the sensation without fighting it, letting it be..I'm doing this now…its helping…Im only now realizing my body in pain, when before it was just natural, I didn't realize it, I'm also noticing automatic tensing up..in the same area, so it's old emotions that feel stuck, but I can only allow, and let it be, I can't make it go away, so, I'm just allowing it to be there and it will go when it will..I can say, I release any tension in body, or not say anything and just let it be, knowing it will go when it is supposed to, Thank you Kim .Love You and Eckhart too!!!! ?☮️♥️

  14. Easy for you to say. Have you ever experienced chronic intense physical pain? My pain is from a physical condition called spinal stenosis. I did not think my way into it.