This Is What The Motivational Industry Is NOT TELLING YOU – Eye-Opening Speech

This Is What The Motivational Industry Is NOT TELLING YOU – Eye-Opening Speech

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This is a speech written by me and narrated by one of my friends.

The video was edited by: Jervin Quisada
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  1. Have been following this channel for more than 5 years now….remember the time when you had not more than a 100thounsand subscribers…still nothing has changed…you still are awesome. Thank you for being one constant in my life.

  2. People miss understand what self help means.

    Self help means that Authors, course sellers, Pastors and motivational speakers are helping themselves with you time, money, and attention.

    You're welcome.

  3. Yes true but one thing keeps me going 🙏 TRUSTING IN MY MAKER AS I GROW INTO A SPIRITUAL BEING BEYOND MY PHYSICAL 🙏 You are created to be infinite and loving as you love by giving your life for others in sea

  4. I always say “Action” stop talking about it but “Do it” I used to listen to motivational videos but realized that I m wasting my time listening instead of “Doing”, yes we need help, advice etc but “Just Do it”

  5. if your mind and spirit likes to do something it will naturally be motivation, you wont need to force yourself, you are a life human being with feelings

  6. This is real gold, but I’m not sure how accurate I’d have to do my own research. I do agree that motivation is good for a short time but being able to get things done without out it is what separate the best from the rest. There’s so much out there on self help and people in the new age that say Visualization works and so do some celebrities and even if a lot of it hasn’t been scientifically proven judging from what is being said, a lot of lives has changed. I am
    Open minded and I love hearing different ideas but this just kind of stumped my beliefs and now I’m trying to figure this stuff out lol

  7. It's so true my friend, most sad part is that people aren't aware what they need(not want). And this selp help industry gives what they want(however, doesn't matter how unrealistic it may be). Struggle is inevitable. Great work.

  8. There’s a quote I came up with a while back. “You don’t have to be motivated to do it, you have to do it to be motivated.” When motivation fails, discipline will rule. Along the lines, motivation will find its way back, and you’ll be proud of yourself, getting into the true habit of life. You need to learn to act, even when you have trouble feeling. It’s ok if you do not want to force yourself after a hard time. But you must push yourself if you truly want it. Depending on motivation only will probably not get you to where you want to be. Be a successful person. How much motivation is truly enough to make it? I guess it will count as experience. Motivation is honestly so important as well. It’s part of the whole process, it’s what stems and makes the whole journey worthy and enjoyable, and it’s one big part of why you wanted to do it in the first place. So don’t downplay it. But don’t forget to include every other aspect, as well. And to not rely on motivation. Although it’s key. You can achieve things. You can truly make it. Thank you for this speech. You must focus on your journey as well as your destination.

  9. Thank you for this great video. I too had the same idea about the harm motivational video does to us. So ,Its time to wake up and be more practical rather than fantacising for free success.

  10. This is the first time I'm commenting in my life on any video amazing!!! Only intelligent people can understand need to tell you keep making this type of videos you said things that even billionaires don't say seriously man hatss off

  11. I quit instagram today and felt better. Now i come across this content and i feel like social media has eaten a lot of me and deprived me of my hunger for my goals. Thanks for this.

  12. Heres something i wanna let u know what u do to others has a way to come back to u so think anout this good there are good choices in our life and bad choices if u understand

  13. Sorry, but motivation always comes first. Why else would you strive for disciplin in the first place? As long as you want something, you have a motive to do something. Sometimes you want something that demands more effort, than you are motivated to deliver. Then you should examine your motives – are they healthy and reasonable.