Does Eckhart Believe in Prayer? | Eckhart Answers

Does Eckhart Believe in Prayer? | Eckhart Answers

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Eckhart talks about transforming prayer from the usual petitions to a deep form of listening where we rest in pure attention.

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  1. Whatever you say in your prayers, you're still just talking to yourself. Unless you physically take action, nothing will change. Affirmations are more useful in that you're acknowledging something that makes for a positive reminder of what you already have.

  2. If you doubt what he has to say, just ask your dog for verification ? But in the sense of healing there's an important technique described here, worth making a note of. His techniques for healing could be like.. a post school

  3. We all are temples of god. That’s what he’s saying. If you want god to visit you. You have to be in the state of with in. ( meditation ) or mindfulness.
    Look inside that’s the key. ??✌??

  4. If we get beyond the concept that, Meister Echochamber, is anything but Oz Behind His Curteousy, We might Get Back To Kansas, without the Winged Baboons or Ruby Tuesdays Wiffel Bats.

  5. I think that petitionary prayers work when there is an authentic compassionate wish associated with the prayer. If you see a loved one in pain, and that evokes vicarious pain in yourself, and in this state of intense empathy you wish for their recovery and speak your petition to God, that wish becomes a prayer. It is the authentic compassionate wish that is the prayer, not the words spoken. This is not to exclude the listening prayers that you speak of: Prayers of affirmation.

  6. Eckhart – you are absolutely correct again in everything you say. I am a man of absolute Faith, but I do not pray to God because I've realised that in life we don't really know what would be best for us and I trust Him to know this for me – and he does: I now have total fulfilment and contentment in my life and I do not suffer from any fears, anxieties or depression. I have a spiritual guide who 'tells' me what to do each day (normally by some sort of unlikely coincidence or my intuition, and this post is part of today's guidance). We all must deeply understand why Jesus cursed the fig tree and we should all follow the Guidelines of Problacism. If I did pray, however, my prayer would be St Ignatius's prayer: 'Teach us, good Lord, to serve you as you deserve, to give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to labour and not to ask for any reward, save that of knowing that we do your will'. Amen

  7. My Sangha does not pray for healing of anyone's body because we believe that whatever happens is for your greatest good. Trying to change that is controlling. We send blessings and love with the knowledge that all is right with God.

  8. Sometimes onr uses dual mechanisms to connec to a non dual reality. My experience of prayer is it can be in layers. I am starting or enhancing a business. My prayer is fo Divine Source to help me expand but there musrt be surrender because ultimately I do not know what is best. Therefore that which I am in totality is accessible. The will or nature of my destiny is already inlaid. But prayer is a means to activate the power I am throgh alignment and intention. Thus God is ny agent if this is ordained. The Divine force takes care of the details. Yet sometimes Onemust do the leg work.

    I had a friend who got cancer. He resisted conventional methods and tried every type of non traditional modalities.. Nothing worked. Finally he surrendered to chemotherapy and was healed. Chemo was the answer to his prayer. It just wasn't the form he wanted. Surrensder wasc a huge part of the lesson.

    But intention and alignment (surrender) are crucial. So yes we must get conceptions and the mind out of the driver's seat (I want this, I want that) but it is also in my experience not a nebulious process. There are levels.

    Yogananda said "strong prayers yeild strong results, weak prayers yoeld weak results>" We are not asking of the"other". We are axctivating that which we are.

  9. The only way I see and understand this message that our dear and precious Eckhart brings, is as following to me:

    This is a presence for all of you that are ready to receive it, I hope everyone will have the chance to understand this extremely important message some day soon, and then realise, that any creatures, being them human or not, it's not relevant if any creatures realise, know this or not, all creatures are a part of this, so the ones among us that do understand this, immediately know, that it's not yet understood by anyone, if any humans still cruelly treats, exploits and kills any creatures for food and any other selfish purposes, ''as if'' they are separate from what this message expresses, and to add, we should treat Earth as we would want to be treated ourselves, because Earth, as any other living planet out there in the entire universe, that still are alive, are also living organisms too

    It's a choice to use and consume any animal products, it's absolutely not a necessity, plants are the primary source of all nutrients, it's not any creatures body-parts and secretions✨??

    I'm an Environmental, human and non human animal rights activist, because no matter where from in the entire universe, they are all one concern ? ?? ?⚡ ?


  11. Eckhart,s look resembles christ infinite goodness.. even before talking he sends eternal love and compassion.. I believe a miracle can start any day cause this good man can make all us jump into unity and grace and heaven on earth.. love and peace must reign over suffering, he is an angel of god, I started praying for that miracle to succeed, join me….