DISAPPEAR FOR A YEAR, I DARE YOU | Best Self Discipline Motivational Speech Compilation

DISAPPEAR FOR A YEAR, I DARE YOU | Best Self Discipline Motivational Speech Compilation

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Do you have what it takes to shut off all distractions and focus on you and your dreams? Disappear for a year, I dare you. It will help you reach the goals you’ve dreamed of and help you become the person you want to become!

This new motivational speech compilation was created with our best self discipline motivational videos to help inspire you to reach your goals and succeed in your studies!

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Disclaimer: Please note we don’t recommend disappearing for any length of time. This video is purely created in the intent of motivational purposes, not to be taken as legal advice.

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  1. I'm afraid of everything that is going on now ..I am feeling disappointed as I saw many motivational videos..I never followed any..I didn't disappear….I'm afraid that I can't now..I'm running out of time fr my exams..I failed 3 times..main reason is mental stress..I'm feeling bad..extremely tired and low..I'm scared my family doesn't give me another chance..I'm scared..I'm upset..I want to overcome bad thoughts and get a break from traumatic past..atleast till I finish my exam successfully