Do The Right Thing, Even When No One Is Watching: It's Called Integrity

Do The Right Thing, Even When No One Is Watching: It's Called Integrity

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  1. I'm coming back to this to give concrete example bc it's just the kind of video ppl who aren't into self improvement or not "hardly" enough might think it's "a meh lesson" like everybody knew it yet it's true that most people today lack integrity.
    If you take (even if it's kinda old but I believe it still applies rn) for example the Milgram experiment, it shows the majority lacks integrity (but knows what is "right", the thing is there's a difference between knowing what is right and doing what is right when the solutions are hard to take).
    The less you hold onto your principles and what's "right" the more you're likely to have stayed with your undeveloped mindset. Evolution has given us a socially undeveloped mindset, if you take the examples of :
    – Argumentum ad populum (which the majority is taking even nowadays)
    – people pleasing
    And what's interesting is that those 2 previous things can lead to bullying, whether it is physical or cyber-bullying, bc of human's need to "fit in". So it means the majority would rather "fit in" than following what's "right", which is interesting bc the society we live in today compared to the primal one we had back then is really different, yet some kinda have carried a "primal mindset" which is sad. But don't lose hope in humanity just bc of some ppl even if they are many bc yk you can create a whole new example.

  2. Integrity also entails doing things that go against certain morals in order to be honest and truthful against someone who IS victimizing and lying about you and worse out in life That seems to have no integrity…… and they have their minions ……

  3. It is called being a Sheepdog. Put this on another post but it fits here too: Have you ever been in the position where you are doing the right thing and everyone else isn't? That's being a Sheepdog. What is hard for the Sheepdog is that the path it takes is usually where one walks alone. This was this week's topic for my own subscribers but it fits here too. The Sheepdog will suffer. Here is how you alleviate that lonesome walk of doing right. You look at the other dogs in the kennel. Eliminate the ones that don't know what they are talking about. That's 50% gone. Then the ones who are afraid to hunt. Another 25% gone. Then the ones who hunt but only for themselves–another 20% gone. The 5% left are the Sheepdogs. They aren't allowed near the kennel because the other dogs start snarling and barking. Why? Because the Sheepdog makes 50% look unintelligent, 25% look cowardly and 20% selfish. So the Sheepdog is condemned to walk the ridgeline alone. But the key to inner peace which took me 15 years to realize in the corrupt healthcare field I practice in is this: realize you can't make a regular dog into a Sheepdog. You don't get angry, you treat them with indifference. And you will see that other Sheepdogs will periodically pass you on other ridgelines. And others will gravitate toward you as well–because people would rather you hate them then not acknowledge them at all. And some will possibly get a little better. Hope this helps someone out there—Charles

  4. The real fact in this world most people don't understand this simple word what is right and what is wrong because why I am telling you why because most people don't want to live in truth thus this is a hard and Tippical road and wrong path is very easy to choose and for live