Create A Life You Don't Need A Vacation From

Create A Life You Don't Need A Vacation From

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  1. You create this life with INTENTION.
    So set the intention for your life right now.
    What do YOU want from this brief human experience you have right now?
    What IMPACT will you have?
    What EXAMPLE will you set?

    Will you create a life you don’t need a vacation from?

  2. Wow.. I keep getting signs.. I've been thru so much in my life.. thru every type of abusive.. abandonment.. etc.. stayed in the streets.. never had a real "home".. my mom was horribly addicted to drugs and still is.. she has munch housing byproxy.. I'd stay in hospitals all the time and the first time I attempted suicide was when I was 9 bc she made my lie and say my dad raped me in the courtroom.. I've been thru so much.. when I was 12 foster care took me finally.. I was so weak and just bones. Then I lived with my dad and started getting bullied very badly and he didnt care and chose his girlfriend over me and I attempted again at 13 and they kicked me out and I'm about to be 16 and I have my entire career planned. Next year when I turn 17 I want to join the air force.. then eventually become a choreography dancer and actress . I'm leaving for ycp in 5 months aka January. When I graduate I'll turn 17 and I really hope I make it.. I believe I will. And all these signs I get is crazy.. wow now I look back at everything I been thru and where I'm at.. I'm adopted now.. it's crazy. It's not the best place, I actually hate it here but I'm almost there… almost.. 17 is next year.. and years go fast . I got this. And thank you..????❤

  3. During this past 1 1/2 I stopped saying “Thank God” it’s Friday instead I wake up every morning and say, “Thank you.”
    I’m working on my life that will get me out of my 9 to 5. I not only believe but I see myself. The first step towards Chang came when I started my YouTube channel a year ago?

  4. Another video promoting selfish self centered living and not for the greater collective of society. Check yourself; cuz the countless men who scarified their tyme to build n maintain this country;well imagine if they just did what they want! You’d be screwed so I despise these type of videos;such entitlement!!!! Imagine if the garbage men went on strike the electrical workers the road crews doctors nurses etc…

  5. There is a difference between reaching financial freedom and going in it for the money. If I can not prove that my methods can bring freedom to myself, how am I supposed to show others? It's one of the few goals I have not achieved.

  6. My father constantly hassled me to take a holiday. It was really annoying and gave me a guilty complex about working so hard. I’m sure he had my best interests at heart, but it was all through his own lens. Thing is, I love my job and it makes me feel alive.

  7. Ohk I understood I will EDUCATE a lot , self education makes a fortune ..but what if in end the system that government made don't want to accept us our work …nowadays government only hire those who are either in Harvard or Stanford or any top universities on this earth … nobody cares bout those university who are slightly below them ….even if I will educate myself through online courses nobody will pick me up until I have that tag of that universities…that's life dude ??‍♂️…they don't care bout us

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  11. Nothing is impossible , belief in yourself , work on yourself daily. Everything you do with love and compassion will make you become the best version of yourself .
    Thank you so much Fearless Soul for this great message.