Connecting with Nature through Breath | Eckhart Tolle

Connecting with Nature through Breath | Eckhart Tolle

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According to Eckhart, even in closed spaces and secluded areas where we don’t have access to nature, we can still connect with …

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  1. Walking meditation is my favorite. I would even say it has become as important as breathing for me, especially with bare feet.
    The old saying that "the best things in life are free" is spot on. Wishing you all a connected day! ?

  2. Oh my God you’re so right because there are some trees at the park where I live and some of them are sick so I’m trying to put my hand there and like send them white energy and the only way I can send these trees if I close my eyes and go within and try to feel something in myself it’s so interesting you’re so right and I can feel something something very powerful somebody very strong stronger than even that I am

  3. Thank you Eckhart. Your words always come into my life the exact moment I need them. I am very grateful for this perspective. I thought forest is (my) way of experiencing nature without realizing that every meditation already puts me in position of living it. So glad to have you as one of my life mentors.?

  4. Appreciation of breathing.
    Gently pinch your nose, take a few breathes. Now with your nose still pinched, cover your mouth with the palm of your hand and breath as long as you can.
    Now, take your hand away, and breath.
    Please, don't take breathing for granted.

  5. Dear Eckhart, nature needs to connect with me. It’s not trying to comply with my needs, as it’s been in the hundreds here… and it knows I do not like this behavior. Please… if you have a connection with it which allows conversation… request cooler moderate temps, with a lot of rain… as here in California, we need much water from the sky.

    Thank you! ✨❤️✨?

  6. I verily agree with Eckhart Tolle that if we want to find something very precious in our existence and beingness we are to look for them inside of us. The first of all we have to realize we already have everything to be happy, yet many people attempt to find it from external things: people surrounding us, our health and body, material items, respect from people, vanity and so on. If onlý we try to look into ourselves. If you are a religious person you can name it soul, your spiritual part of your beingness, however, a few stoics say, especially Epictetus, internal things are our ability to thinķ propely, to take control over your lower-self, your appetites, your ability to choose according to free will, to avoid tribulations or embrace them with bravery and patience.

    You ought to be greatful for things you have been given by The Almighty then you can taste all blessings and grace of God, and experience true pleasure.

  7. I was stressed and tired to day and reacted to a situation, I feel guilty a down. I made a mistake and was not myself. Im usually very nice but something made me snap and lash out. I sometimes get so mad or annoyed like the world is against me. Or people are trying to do bad towards me. Maybe because they have in the past. I feel an outsider and never fit it. Never seem to find people similar to me. I tried to have a relaxing day. Do something good but always seem to find drama or something happens to ruin the day. How can I pass this

  8. Everything that I have worked hard for is paying off. Rest and rejuvenation are still productive. I have the time, space, and opportunity to celebrate my accomplishments, and I deserve to enjoy this present moment.

    I am at peace with myself and move around calmly.

    I am not alone. I am divinely connected. I find trust in the power of my soul and the power of the divine to guide me toward letting go of whatever mental distress I’m carrying. I lay down my burden and proceed in strength.

    I inspire others with my knowledge and, in turn, better the world.

  9. No one, including Eckhart, can explain what the present moment is. It cannot be a duration of time because then one could say well what is half of that time and a quarter of that time if that is the present moment. It must be out side of time. You cannot say or even think that THIS is the present because as soon as you start to think that then that "moment" has gone.

  10. Can you add Chinese subtitles? My father likes your videos very much but there are very few translators, he has read the book The Power of Now, but unfortunately he can't understand English, neither can I… Hope you have someone who can speak Chinese to add Chinese subtitle! Thank you very much ?

  11. In meditation being totally present in your body without thought is like being an alive statue. You feel this ever so
    faint mmmm. It’s not absolutely
    nothing but there’s no thought
    in that mmmmm.