Bob Marley – Are You A Rich Man? (Best Speech Ever)

Bob Marley – Are You A Rich Man? (Best Speech Ever)

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  1. You don't have to agree with everything in the video. Even I don't, but there's some nice nuggets of wisdom in here.

    P.S. From now on I won't be publishing the same type of videos that I used to do. After 5 years and 100 million views later on my website and my YouTube channel combined, I can definitely say the self-help industry lacks any scientific validation and most of it is a scam based on pseudoscience and bullshit and gurus just want to sell you their life-changing products.

    I will try to share with you realistic and scientific methods from now on and focus on raw honesty. Many of you might not like the content from now on, but I hope those of you that do will benefit greatly from it.

    I feel that I've been cheating you for the past 5 years, now that I was able to step-back from the industry for a year and see the other side of the coin.

    Everything will be different in 2019 and I hope that I might be a fresh breath in an industry that hasn't changed at all in the past 100 years.

    – Cris

  2. Self reality is always the answer being free who you are makes room to conquer up what’s your on earth 🔥everything you should burn away from your thoughts.🤔

  3. Marley was murdered by the C.I.A. The cancer that killed Marley was 'introduced' to him at some point when a phony Rolling Stone reporter showed up at the Jamaican retreat where Marley sought refuge and rest after he was shot by Seaga's Jamaican Labor Party before a local concert there. This phony reporter turned out to be the son of George H.W. Bush,…….Neil Bush…(Who is obviously still much alive). This is confirmed. Cancer used as a bioweapon was developed and researched by German scientist from the 1930's. The C.I.A. was formed enlisting pardoned Nazi war criminals after WW2…

  4. From the whomb to the
    world dis man changes everything foundation of peace love n happeness rest in paradise Mr Marley JAH MANs richness if life❤️💚💛

  5. He’s so full of shit. Either he’s a liar or all that weed got to his head. At the time of his death he was worth $11.5 million.Also notice he doesn’t look the interviewer in the eyes when providing those answers.

  6. Just like Jesus his parables is tamper proof… encrypted message of the day to reach the chosen one..aquarius the message can't be any louder,we play what we want to play,when we want to play,where we want to play….logder..