Clover Hogan: What to do when climate change feels unstoppable | TED

Clover Hogan: What to do when climate change feels unstoppable | TED

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  1. The truth is we are all delusional in one way or the other. We as human beings are like parasitic organisms to the Earth. Its true that the Earth needs to recover from the disasters that we've caused. But we can not exaggerate the situation to those who will listen or those listening will dismiss it. Even I know that the conditions that are happening are getting out of control but you have people who talk about it and do nothing or people who talk about it for political reasons or to take advantage of a situation. One person can't make a change like this alone and I am not an environmentalist.

  2. What feels even more draining is the fact that when you do your part In trying to limit the damage, but still the climate crisis looks inevitable with each passing day. Especially when you see weird weather patterns in your hometown you never did as a child.

  3. I love her sincere feeling, but deep ice cores which scientists have examined show that the world's climate has been warmer at various times in the distant past, and that humans are influencing things only slightly. Climate change is being pushed as a pretext for increased central control. After covid dies down, elites will have climate change, or whatever else, to draw upon. Climate disaster as portrayed by Greta Thurnberg has been highly exaggerated, just like covid.

  4. The timing is IMPECCABLE. I am terrified about what's going on now that the IPCC has given a Code red for humanity alert, and now my life feels like it's practically useless. I hope they can help us find out more about possible alternatives and such.

  5. What to do is….do a small amount of research and realise that climate change doesn’t exist and it’s only weather cycles that have been happening since time began

  6. Whe can not be frozen! We need to do something in our control . Like be zero waste , carbon zero, like transform our way of work in a company, newspaper, church, court, scholl parlment….
    At least that you will fill that you done your parte. For sure other person' s will change whit your example. YOU NEED TO BELIEVE AND JOIN TO THE OTHERS THAT BELIEVE.

  7. Honestly I think that the main and best way to solve climate change is through community action. You can make a difference as an individual as every actions counts but it is much more effective to get involved with your community. Whether it's your family, town, local community, school, workplace, etc. Community work is the most effective.

  8. I really wanted to throw a brick at her but I can't afford a new TV! Arm yourself with knowledge, search for the truth from trusted scientists and then make your decision but always be aware time is very, very short.

  9. My first–but not last–heartbreak was in the fall of 2016 when 60% of the Great Barrier Reef was destroyed in a matter of weeks. No one seemed to care that much, much less Australia that wrote of the tourism dollars they might miss (they are the leading exporter of coal on Earth by the way). And I am well aware climate change is just an aspect of overshoot. That's right; we had too many babies collectively and now we will all suffer, but worse much of the rest of life on Earth will too (and the fact I never had kids is the single best decision I ever made my entire life). The good news is that our current civilization is going to collapse, and in our passing, the load on the resources on Earth will be greatly reduced. The bad news is that the entire Earth will be in collapse right along with our civilization. There will be no winners with climate change, but that truth–that we are ALL the losers–we cannot deal with yet. In time, we will all come to terms with climate change if we like it or not. I'm 51, an older man by any metric I would say. I am hoping that I won't die of climate change, but in all likelihood, I very well might even as a well-to-do US engineer. And if I do, then most likely you will too. The facts are the facts.

  10. Everyone can make a difference. If we all opened our refridgerator doors at the same time climate change could be reversed. But that darned Putin wouldnt order his people to do it, so we are sunk. First the gas price hike, now this.

  11. Me: Buy a new home in a place with a better climate."
    Climate Change expert: You Idiot!, The whole world will become unliveable. Where will you go?
    Me: Another planet?

  12. Mankind is no more able to stop the climate from changing than we are from stopping sunrise. Get a grip people! We aren't gods, regardless of your feelings of self worth.

  13. Capitalism is the problem. Basically, it boils down to the choices of about 50 interlocking corporate directorates. They personally make choices to destroy the Earth in favor of profits. They collude all the time to increase prices and engage in anti-competitive behaviors. But for some mysterious reason they can't (won't) combat climate change. We have to end capitalism.

  14. Damn, you have more videos in YouTube than those activists who is the most affected but contributed the least on climate crisis. You got Hyundai,tons of tedtalks etc.. I guess the face of climate activism is white youth activists who lived on countries who kick started this climate crisis and do nothing about it. Its OK to feel powerless, how can I feel powerful when the problem I have can't be fixed even I reduce Philippines emissions by 90%, I'm hopeless because to fix my problem its on the hands of countries who gave me the problem at the first place

  15. Nice question

    10:30 Ask yourself: Which story gets in your way of you taking action?
    Then think of 1 thing you can do to challenge that story
    If you love making food, how can we stop people wasting a third of it each day
    If you are a musician, how do we communicate the urgency of climate action through this universal language?

  16. I'm personally not the biggest fan of "change your mindset" speeches because anxiety for the most part is not quelled by reality. In fact it's the reality that is feeling the anxiety. When I hear "change your mindset", sub message tends to be "have you tried not thinking like that?" Or "have you tried not having anxiety?" Those three words to me feel really dismissive.
    But what I found to be most useful was thinking about how climate change is made up of many different problems that need many different solutions, and instead of being responsible for all of it, ask which component of the problem can you help in the solution?

  17. HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU BUT CLIMATE CHANGE IS BULLSHIT! A carbon tax scheme invented by Al Gore in order for the globalist to enslave humanity. The reason Natural disasters are on the rise is because we are getting closer to end of days just as the bible predicted.and right on schedule unfortuantly it will only get worsefrom here with wars and rumors of wars , WW3 anyone? Everyone wants peace yet they reject the prince of peace!