Changing The World Is Big Business | Tom Bilyeu

Changing The World Is Big Business | Tom Bilyeu

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02:05 The mind is the matrix
05:36 A quote of “Da Vinci”
10:26 2 ways to get control of your mind
17:26 Having clear goals



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  1. This is the most powerful speech I've seen in ages! And believe me, I've seen a lot. Every single thing this man says is true. If only people knew what they can achieve..!

  2. Here's an old Term from way back when, N.L.P. Neuro Linguistic Programming. Gave birth to C.B.T. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Gave birth to Mindvalley. Give deference to the History. Mindvalley has helped me but give deference please.

  3. this was a very powerful speech, but he lost me when he talked about his supplements business… why is it that so many motivational speakers have supplements businesses?

  4. This is a man and a message that needs to be heard beyond the confines of those of us already attached to his methods and his message. Please jump in and start talking to schools Tom!