Why the Global 'Rock Bottom' is the Gateway to Spiritual Awakening | Dr. Shefali

Why the Global 'Rock Bottom' is the Gateway to Spiritual Awakening | Dr. Shefali

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Conscious Parenting author, Dr. Shefali reminds you how to use unprecedented moments in time for personal growth and transformation. For tools and programs on how to transform every area of your life, check out Mindvalley Quest All Access: https://go.mindvalley.com/vCYmmHtN

Recorded for the Mindvalley University audience, in this video you’ll learn why the time of the pandemic, virus, and isolation is a rare opportunity for spiritual growth and awakening and letting go of unnecessary emotional and physical baggage you might have been carrying for too long.

⏰ Video Timeline
0:00 The global ‘rock bottom’ and the hidden potential to grow
12:00 How the solitary confinement can help you discover the true you
13:30 The wisdom of ‘no escape’
18:25 QA
27:00 The gateway to spiritual awakening

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  1. Her creepy little smile at the mention of people dying 6:45. You seem way too happy that the moment for your message has come. I know that the kind of people who like to self actualize try to look for positives in any situation, but to me at least you come across as tone-deaf and lacking empathy.

  2. Not everything about the old was toxic. How does no choice fit into the consent culture model. Do therapists force clients to do work? The globalists want us to think that this is a necessary change, but their methodology is vile.

  3. Amazing amazing talk dr,shefali! Right on the dot!esp part about Gucci bags n shoes!, spot on!,, just ..at the end I was struck..wait a min. Is this precedent to “new world order”??? THAT pricked my ears up…just wondering since we are weary of NWO

  4. Just remember we are perfect within if pay attention inward. It's our actions outward that we need to pivot and now its time to make that pivot. No more checklists! And thats OK??

  5. rock bottom 1. pandering to lowest common denominator 2 destroyng the nuclear family 3 promoting criminal acts pedophilia PLGBT garbage 4 fake our institutions have all been replaced aka subversion 5 demoralization of america by those jelous of her greatness. YOU WILL FAIL AND IT WILL BE SUCH A FAILURE!

  6. I agree with so much of this except that I don't think the masks have come off and I don't think the dopamine fixes have been taken away. I still see a lot of encouragement to bury one's head in the sand of online entertainment or shopping. Still, there is an undeniable global awakening and shared experience that gives me a lot of hope for the future.

  7. There’s so much pressure right now and suddenly it feels as if I’m all alone here! When does this phase stop? I’m becoming oddly comfortable with it on the flip side.