“BREAKING NEWS…” The truth in 5 minutes | Seth Godin | David Bayer | Brendon Burchard

“BREAKING NEWS…” The truth in 5 minutes | Seth Godin | David Bayer | Brendon Burchard

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“BREAKING NEWS…” The truth in 5 minutes!
Special thanks to Tom Bilyeu for these amazing interviews!
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Seth Godin
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David Bayer

Brendon Burchard

Vusi Thembekwayo

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  1. We are brain washed by watching something that is telling us we are brainwashed! Wake UP! Your watching exactly what they are warning ⚠️ you about ! ? ? ? go and live your life be excellent!

  2. There is nothing better than being physically in contact with people every day. Technology has taken that away. It affects our daily life in a way that very damaging to our minds, to our relationships, and so on. Everything is affected in a negative way. Yes, technology was ok to a point but that's about it. It's gone way to far and if you really think about it, what has it changed in a positive way?

  3. Facebook Co- founder(“World Economic Forum”) , Bill Gates , Fauci and Big pharma planned C 19 and removed Trump from office.

    All need to be arrested for genocide and treason.

    Why wasn’t the white house and GOP senators invited to event 201?

    Why weren’t the American people allowed to attend?

    Please publish a list of the attendees so we can see who was there.

    Which vaccine makers were there?

    Which Big pharma reps were there and why?

    The American people need to see the complete list.

    Why was the CIA and NSA there?

    Why wasn’t Trump notified?

    John Hopkins was the organization that also tracked and reported on the C19 actual event!!!

    Guilty for sure.

    The American people have NOT elected Gates, Fauci, Big pharma or John Hopkins or the CDC to direct our healthcare.

    Boycott Verizon- they no longer allow user comments at all.


    Verizon yahoo- Board of Directors are Big Pharma agents promoting the covid 19 planned demic.

    Why is Roxanne S. Austin- Verizon BOD also on BOD of big pharma?

    President and Chief Executive Officer of “ Austin Investment Advisors”

    Director since: 2020

    Other Public Boards:

    Abbott Laboratories Inc., AbbVie, Inc.

    There is NO accurate test for covid. Here is proof.

    The SpaceX CEO said he was tested for the novel coronavirus four times in one day Friday and the results were split.

    "Something extremely bogus is going on," Musk tweeted. "Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse. Rapid antigen test from BD."

    Musk, who recently welcomed a son with singer Grimes, followed up the tweet by asking his followers who "know a lot about the PCR testing industry" about the rate of getting a false positive during testing.

    "This is my third rapid test in 24 hours. SMH. It’s routine to take c19 test before a livestream broadcast for all band and crew," Badu wrote. "Earlier I took 2 and one was positive the other neg in separate nostrils ?? We need to investigate these tests further. I want my $ back."

    PFIZER CEO makes 6 million in one day off stock !! Planned profit !!


  4. This Universe is just a 'Story', from 'Program Books', (in the Permanent Libraries of "The Processing System of LIFE") told in the form of a 'Holographic Simulation', displayed in a Display Register, of "The Processing System of LIFE"…. Discover and Understand the DIFFERENCE, between "LIFE The Real Self", (The LIGHT of MAN) and the Universe (Including your human body or Avatar).

  5. Wow!!! All the ppl writing ✍ replies, are extremely intelligent ? one even taught me a lesson that I really needed to hear TODAY MORE THAN EVER… I'm happy ? I am surrounded with AWAKEN BEAUTIFUL SOULS LOVE AND BLESSINGS FOR ALL

  6. Racial injustice is not real, it's a self perceived notion, in other words, it's lunatic.
    The manipulating of the masses has become easier through the access provided by social media and public education, including universities which teach no real survival skills, just hate.