Dr. Pradip Jamnadas: “It's very important that you try this, INSANE BENEFITS!”

Dr. Pradip Jamnadas: “It's very important that you try this, INSANE BENEFITS!”

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“Do This For Your Body ONCE A WEEK!”
“Our hormones are changing because of our habits”
►Special thanks to Dr. Pradip Jamnadas MD for sharing this valuable information.
Check out his amazing content here:

Dr. Pradip Jamnadas, MD, MBBS, FACC, FSCAI, FCCP, FACP
The founder and Chief Medical Officer of Cardiovascular Interventions, P.A. in Orlando Florida where, since 1990, he has been repeatedly recognized in local publications as a Top Doctor performing thousands of interventional procedures in hospital and out patient settings. As a consultant cardiologist with a large diversified inpatient and outpatient practice he is noted for his passions for teaching and illuminating prevention for cardiovascular disease . He is also a clinical assistant professor of medicine at The Florida State University and University of Central Florida.

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  1. I cut down on sugar and cut down on my carbs at 63 and some amazing things happen to me. One, my arthritis went away! Two, I have clearer thinking now than I did in my 40's. Three, I went from 209 pounds ( 5'10 ) to 179 in six weeks! I only wish I'd had done this years ago! What this doctor is saying is spot on! It's never too late people! My buddy got off all of the drugs ( he was was on a lot ) he was on and got fit doing the same thing!

  2. usually, I don't listen to dietary advice from a "doctor", but Mr. Jamnadas is an exception. Probably, he is hated in his community for being a contrarian. The "medical mafia" would be very upset when you cut the root of most of all evils of ill health, that is insulin resistance, which directly affects the pocketbook of pharmaceutical giants.

  3. When I first moved to Rome, Italy from the US 7 years ago, very little obesity, now it’s starting to hit, especially among children. Around the same time, Canada had a dispute going with Italy wanting them to consent to the import of GMO wheat, Italy was refusing. Somehow a deal got worked out, now this. Actually the dispute was not so much about accepting the import of the GMO wheat, it was more about the labeling of it on packaging, the Canadians didn’t want it known, wanted it hidden. So…think about the diet in Italy, pizza, bread, pasta etc. We as a people are being terraformed, all over the world, not just here. You need to listen to this man. As for me, I fast and watch my diet. Good luck.

  4. Love, love, love dr Jamnadas!!! I wish he were my dr! I’m so confused when it comes to cholesterol! I’ve been fasting and my overall cholesterol including my ldl went up??? I got an advanced lipid panel done and my results are as follows: total cholesterol 279; HDL 95; triglycerides 49; ldl 169; non HDL 184; my ldl pattern is a which I’m assuming is good. I also have app lipoprotein b which is 116 which is also high, lipoprotein a is super low less than 10. I’m in normal weight range, walk daily, I have eliminated sugar from my diet, yet my cholesterol and ldl still high. I have tried everything I guess I’m gonna have to go on statins which I was trying to avoid at all costs. I’m 62 yrs old…. No other health issues…. One main issue… I don’t sleep well!!! I would be so grateful if dr jamnadas would see this and answer me!!! Love all of his podcasts!!!

  5. Why can’t all doctors be like u!! Instead of talking down to individuals that r trying to get their health back to normal?? But no they threaten your lively hood by telling u all the negative aspects of disease.. u are the LIGHT In the medical field that we all need. Thank u for an amazing video. God bless u ??