Billy Graham: Technology, faith and human shortcomings

Billy Graham: Technology, faith and human shortcomings

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  1. When I was a little girl in the late fifties I always heard my grandpa wishing to meet a man called Billy Graham to hear him preach. He passed away in 1970. Every day I turned on my iPad to hear this Holy man preached and tears filled my heart and hope restored my life. Now I am 72 ears old and I know now why my grand pa wish to hear this man preach. Eventho I live on the great Pacific Ocean on an Island call Pohnpei every morning I’m at church with Billy Graham.??

  2. The heavens declare the glory of God thee Almighty. Jesus Christ conquered death when on the 3rd day, He resurrected like He said He would. I believe the Word of God Almighty. John 3:16 God blessed Pastor Billy Graham and his family. ?☝️??❤?????? I believe!

  3. It's Halloween 2022 my birthday is tomorrow. 35 . Still seeking knowledge, while secretly anticipating evidence that God isn't real. So I can justify living for the immediate pleasures of my selfish existence. I can't keep living this way. No matter how much I put in I'm still empty

  4. Billy graham is passaway but the message he preached never dies in the heart who hear him who preached the message of Salvation of Jesus Christ to mankind…

  5. U.S. laws aren't based on The Bible, otherwise slavery would still be OK. Jesus & The Bible's authors OK'd slavery with verses that teach how to buy, sell & beat the slaves. No Bible verse says slavery should end. Christians thought slavery is OK up to not long ago, when secular laws ended slavery.