MY IMMORTAL by Evanescence (LYRICS) The Most Beautiful Cover!

MY IMMORTAL by Evanescence (LYRICS) The Most Beautiful Cover!

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  1. Whoever reads this, know that you are neither hopeless nor powerless. Humans are fragile creatures. But, they can be given a second chance if they are willing to light the candle the represents their hearts. We have our own struggles and are fractured in our own ways, however our reason for being depends upon how we carry our own characters of our own free will. People who have the capacity to feel empathy only serves to help us stand as humans. The reason I say this is because we are more than capable to do what we could do for others, by being here for the unfortunate in any way we can.

  2. I am 36, this song, this song still breaks my heart. I'm still trapped as a 15 year old, experiencing the worst thing a woman can. I'm still 18, finding out the guy I'd been with for the previous 2 years with had cheated the whole time. I'm still that 26 year old making a police report about the man I spent 8 years with, abusing me and ultimately trying to kill me. I don't want to be trapped any more.

  3. Hey you i am from i india. I want tell you something about a india house wife women's life.. You can't imagine how they strong…. Without any lifestyle they were adjusting everything to handle there family and You… Yes you.. Your problems are to small compare to them .. You have everything freedom, lifestyle, be greatfull what you have… And create one impact to others life… To shine there life this is actually karma want…

  4. Do everything with pure intention dnt do anything to fit in n to be accepted by society becoz ur already enough whoever is reading R u listening u are already enough, worthy n u deserve best n amazing lyf ❤❤❤

  5. Time never can heal the pain nor help to forget how the person left you alone. Love is a pain when you cannt get the person whom you love.Real love never can be painful.Real love always gives you the feelings of freedom,cherish and joy where both person stick to be together whatever the situation comes and ready to fight together with the world.

  6. 31 yrs.of broken, and leaving the Lord at 27yrs of the broken…then watching my heart die in front of me(soulmate)at 23yrs of broken….He let my heart grow anew with 2 healthy awesome boys…but my soul was still lost for many years…..hard lessons were learned,but the end result was the Lord never left me and opened my soul,heart and senses to his love, forgiveness and beauty of the world,now at 40 I am ever so present in this world…God is sooo good and that is what makes real happy tears possible,amen and hallelujah ?♥️even if you think your lost, God is right there with you….always through good and bad, but it's your own journey to go through….never give up!!!!