BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Best Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger)

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Best Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger)

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“I hate plan B. Believe in yourself!” ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. The Mindset Of A Winner.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

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►Speech Credit

Jürgen Höller – Power Days (Olympiahalle Munich)

Special guest star: Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  1. He promise He will never leaves us alone . He is a promise keeper . He is a Covenant keeper . He is the River that never runs dry , we bless His Holy name in Jesus Christ . Amen⚡️⚡️

  2. Sure, Arnie, sure…
    Tell this to thousands of failed business owners and startups, who decided not to have "Plan B" and fully commit to their dream, investing all their savings, or putting everything on one card…
    I love you dude, I love your movies (I don't like that you're Republican though), but you need to think like not someone who has 450MLN and an nice retirement plan.

  3. A door has opened to rent a senior center in my community monthly and weekly affordable! With God's help I'm going to use that open door to play songs like these and stir up praise and worship and lift up Jesus Name!!!

  4. 0:00

    "… I am a strong believer … I have never … had a plan B …
    … I made a full commitment that I'm going to … be a bodybuilding champion …"

    The same way,
    how many other people
    But you defeated them.
    You were the very cause
    why they could not be that
    You are the very cause of their
    The failure of their full commitments.
    Yeah, your achievement is great.
    You won.
    Which means they lose.
    How utterly wonderful this is.
    Let us praise it.

  5. I Believe In My Souls Savior My Lord Universal Light Might Love Peace Full House Nur Ilaha La Ilaha ila Rasul Allah Habibi Allah Baba Always Mine Always Most Mercyful Loveful Heartful Dildhar Sahukar Blessful Good Great Beautiful Proud Pride My Al Almighty Authority Supreme God Head My Hero My Lord Nur Hai Garv Se Kehate Hai My Lord Nur Ilaha La Ilaha ila Rasul Allah Baba Strengthen Me Lift Me Higher Than All Human Beings No One Can't Reach Me Until The End Of This Universe?? Dua For As Soon As Possible Paradise Jannah Heavens An Planet Earth ??