Cracking Your Neck is DANGEROUS! “If You Hurt Your Neck, then your head…

Cracking Your Neck is DANGEROUS! “If You Hurt Your Neck, then your head…

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  1. I have done a lot of these neck exercises to strengthen the neck. I carry out stretching for martial arts training daily as a strong neck is a plus in any fight training and yes sometimes it cracks.
    However I do not have pain. And yes I think the cracking occurs when slouching watching TV or watching stuff on my phone.
    So now I know why so can change things

  2. The term ‘crack your neck’ makes it sound like it’s worse than it is. You’re not doing anything to the bones. That cracking noise is synovial fluid released from the joints. It is replenished shortly after. There is no long term issue doing this either.

  3. I popped my neck one morning, while lying on the ground in a situp position I yanked my neck downwards and it popped and I heard/felt a loud tear and couldn't move my head… For years afterward the pain shot down my left arm, leaving it numb, sometimes all the way to my hand. So don't force that shit.. plz b careful

  4. Disliked as soon as you said "seek medical attention". The doctors know nothing. Have no clue. Even say that what I experience is not possible. I now have cracked my neck for 20 years and I agree it isn't good. But to think that modern medicine can help you is bullshit.

  5. A great excersise that doesn’t get attention is the head harness with weights, many boxers use this to strengthen their neck and chin from hits. Every one should have one at home because it cures stiff neck and pains related to the upper back and shoulder blades too

  6. My doctor is absolutely against neck cracking. She has had 5 patients have major strokes after going to the chiropractor and having their necks adjusted.

  7. Also try to avoid PAIN KILLERS as much as possible (Only use them when it's really really necessary). Most of the time the body parts strikes your brain with pain feeling so that you know there's a problem with that painful body part. Find the reason for the pain you are feeling and try to alleviate that with the best healing solution you can get (Natural remedies should be given first thought for treatment, if they can be found easily) . If your body stops feeling pain means it's dying, so pay attention to it when it tries to communicate. God bless!

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  9. When one begins to awaken or become more conscious of our actual reality, you know the red pill. We begin to see things that we did not see before. Realize things that we did not understand before. See us, our race of beings as one, not a segregated mess of animals. Yes, that is what we are, but it is not what we can be. We are capable of so much more. We are capable of unifying an entire planet, but not if we continue down the same path we have always walked. We are so stuck in our ways, cultures and beliefs that we continue to destroy ourselves and don’t understand why. Our greatest potential does not lie in the Power, Control and Greed of politicians. Our greatest potential lies in the hands of the human beings on this planet. We must see beyond what we are and have been, so that we may become the real human beings we were destine to be. I Love You!