Ask This Question When Facing a Challenge | Eckhart Tolle on Living in the Present Moment

Ask This Question When Facing a Challenge | Eckhart Tolle on Living in the Present Moment

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Eckhart has proposed a vital question that we can ask ourselves when confronted with a challenge. Subscribe to find greater …

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  1. Eckhart if I allow this to loop it is incredibly powerful. I would love to create a dance track featuring your words from this clip…????❤️????

  2. Please do let me know if I have your consent of course … We need to awaken though and I can imagine how amazing this would be to dance to at a festival ❤ ???? ????

  3. Ask yourself, do I have relaxation built into my day? This will take different forms for different people. It will even take different forms on different days for you. The key is choosing something that you know is deeply good for you.

    Blending relaxation into your weeks, month after month, year after year, will add up. This balance will actually keep you healthier and stave off depression and anxiety over time.

    So find some joy today. Repeat tomorrow, and watch that balance seep into your months and years. Get ready to look back on a life well spent.

  4. ………….. REmember …..
    Eckhart doesn't teach us, he simply reminds us of what we already know.. To remember, to re enter the membership. To REmember!!!
    Thank you dear sweet Eckhart ❤

    My mind was racing… Racing .. I could only hold presents for a moment .. How long can the dark mind stay with the light .. 5 seconds .. Yes … 10 seconds, it's better, 20 seconds, barely. Just holding presents for 30 seconds was too much light for that dark room of thought!
    Can I focus to obtain consciousness and hold it for 30 seconds? As much as my mind says NO ….. I can!