Are You Impatient? Watch This! | Eckhart Tolle

Are You Impatient? Watch This! | Eckhart Tolle

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There are many of us who live in the future and ignore the present moment. Eckhart talks about how to become less impatient and anxious, and to begin living in the present.

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  1. Work tends to throw me into this state. Emails coming in, teams messages, conference calls, scattering my brain across five different tasks. All I want to do is complete things. The present becomes a means to an end.

  2. Eckhart fails to place capitalism as the main source of the states of mind. Go through any employee onboarding. It's a roadmap to dissociation. School, society, culture, focused on raw capitalism at the expense of the soul, which was what bothered Marx the most, is killing us. Simply look at the numbers on the increase of autoimmune disfunction, literally the body trying to kill itself.

  3. I’m in deep grief right now over the loss of my son 14 year old Zander lost his silent battle with some sort of mental health problem we didn’t know he was just gone
    I am feeling all kinda of feelings and this really helped me know that I feel these feelings they are not me I can have sadness in me. It’s not me
    I can have anger in me but it is not me. This really helped me feel my feelings and be aware of them in this moment for the purpose of healing thanks ❤