Neuroscientist: “This is HOW TO BURN FAT Without Effort”

Neuroscientist: “This is HOW TO BURN FAT Without Effort”

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  1. The world is heading towards a depression because of the economic destruction from the pandemic, Right now venturing into stocks would be best to recover from this global inflation and stay afloat…….

  2. This would not be an acceptable replacement for a whole food natural diet; however, once one is eating properly, this is a charming addition to an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. Great video. 🥩💪😁👍🥓🍳

  3. Reading through the comments, I just see the generic "I will try to improve my life with this supa-dupa life hack because I don't want to make any effort". Sorry but nothing in life works like that.

    If you think about this for a moment the subjects were doing the exercise for 270 minutes! Of course it burns calories, which then also mean the mentioned benefits. The calories burned howewer, equal to a 2 hour walk or a 30 minute cardio session.

    And since you cannot do this continuously unconsciously, you either need a dedicated 270 minutes to do this, or set up reminders every 5 minutes to remember, and then maybe 270 minutes will accumulate until the end of day.

    The only "special" thing about the soleus is that it can work for a prolonged period of time so you won't feel tired after 10 minutes. But doing this exercise doesn't have the cardiovascular benefits of actual cardio, or the benefits of weightlifting for your bone structure and nervous system.

    Conclusion: this is just another fad.

  4. while in a coma, a device was placed on my feet to pump them during sleep. once I became awake again I asked why they put them on my feet. they replied it pumps my heart while I am in a coma. so the left and the right make our heart work around the body. a constant toes not a constant heal.