9 BEST TIPS to Wake Up Early *TRY THIS FOR 6 TO 12 WEEKS*

9 BEST TIPS to Wake Up Early *TRY THIS FOR 6 TO 12 WEEKS*

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  1. You can deprive your body for sleep for so long, until it shuts down on you.
    No one wants to do things they don't like and sleeping too little is denying the body opportunity to recuperate.

  2. The person who did the experiment could have me join if they want. I do not have an alarm and my body has a weekend schedule unlike this video states doesn't exist. Weekdays I wake up at 5 am and I sleep around 10-12pm. Weekend I sleep full 8 hours I need. So I wake up depending on how late I sleep in.

  3. What is discipline you don't need motivation but then again I'm used to working the graveyard shift now I'm up tearing off a roof at 7 a.m. in the morning so fucking great

    Edit with discipline you do not need motivation