6 Ways To End Procrastinating At Home Forever | Steven Kotler

6 Ways To End Procrastinating At Home Forever | Steven Kotler

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In this video, Vishen is joined for an uplifting talk about all things pandemic and performance by world leading flow state performance expert, Steven Kotler ? Land your FREE spot in the productivity Masterclass mentioned in this video here ? https://go.mindvalley.com/FerocityHabit

Combining an encouraging scientific view of our current situation with COVID-19 as well as how to use this time for habit creation and flow, we hope you enjoy this special podcast recording and find a positive outlook going forward!

Listen out for:

? Our Global Progress – (from vaccines, collaboration to human evolution).
? The 3 Pandemics that you’re involved in right now.
? The 6 Steps to getting into super productive flow states in times of fear.

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  1. If we have to rely on social support for mental wellbeing, many of us will be screwed because the people around us are unwilling or unable to give that support. I think the key is to connect to your higher self which is what social support helps us to achieve anyway.

  2. THANK YOU! As a Business Consultant and Transformational Life Coach for 28 years, I am deeply grateful for this podcast. It brought focus to what I and my clients are experiencing at this time. Powerful! Pointed! There is greater room to breathe, now.

  3. Stress?? Chunk it! And pre plan more/exacter. Use panoramic view. Fav memory. Physiological sigh. Double kumbha
    Preventative is the 6 he teaches: sleep, friends, exercise, hydration, sun etc. Gratitude feel the feeling, mindfulness