One Way To Maximize Your Productivity | Robin Sharma

One Way To Maximize Your Productivity | Robin Sharma

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Work less to make more is how the empire-creators roll. These men and women of high excellence understand the importance of working smart rather than working hard.⁣

…They get that lots of rest, recovery and free time is where world-changing ideas incubate. They appreciate that elite performance without fantastic recovery leads to depletion of the very personal assets that can make you great. ⁣

So while the majority feels that life in lockdown is a curse, some are realizing that it’s a rare chance to read from deep books, pursue a lost passion or finally get the rest that a healthy human being consistently requires.⁣

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  1. Thank you Robin, for keeping up the inspiration even during this low time. Always nice to learn and hear from you time to time. Peace.

  2. I want to do too much in a single day but i am only able to do merely 20% of that what i think. At the end of the day i only regret that after working whole day i could able to do very little . What should i do?
    I just think i will do that and that. I feel i think too much instead of taking action. But now a days over thinking has become habit of mine.

  3. Work only 5 minutes, eat a bucket of Popeyes, play game consoles, work on condition bike, drink coffee while reading your self-improvement book and listening to chill music on a rainy day right in front of your window…

    Man, you really made me think on my perfect mood and lifestyle. I didn't know these, ya know?

  4. I have so much potential and I keep wasting it. I am so thankful for finding this channel. I'm going to figure out how to unleash my true potential. It's almost scary how far I've come without trying and to think how far I'll go while trying. If I can be the number 1 senior of the class of 2022 without trying. Then who knows maybe I'll rule the world at my greatest potential. This isnt a joke, I am serious, my name will be in history books for millienia if I achieve my full potential.

  5. This makes perfect sense to me, because there are days where I am intense with productivity, only to find that the next day I can't even lift a finger 😂. Thank you Sir, absolutely love your content!

  6. Rest and Recovery is very much on point (to me aka "recuperation time")! so many people in my family put so much emphasis on very hard work and doing petty non-profitable things and doing anything at all as long as you're visible doing it, but for the longest time i've been questioning it all, thinking "where's progress in all that? none of you are bosses, and no one in the family has become a boss doing that," you wake up in the morning just to do the very same thing you did yesterday, chugging along like the energizer bunny sweeping the house with no improvement whatsoever, 2 decades, 3 decades out and still they are still doing the same old thing, no personal improvement, no ambition, no travel goals, no nothing, still wasting (most of their) time on household chores.

    i relate to this video so much because i feel like i'm the rebel in the family's culture, not working the dishes and the dogs where they expect me to be (can you believe that? being stressed out because somebody's not doing the dishes, talk about modern-day slave culture), they call my self-improvement and recuperation time a waste of time, but then nobody else in the family is a law grad, a bodybuilder, a martial arts student, and now a financial literacy student (was a student of pickup artist techniques, and i used it to get married), all at the same time. nobody became a boss by making time cleaning the dishes, you get idiots who wants to get paid being visible at hard work, you focus on the glory of being on top of some game, or several games at once, doing smart work, being a deadly sniper at hitting goals. an important part of doing that, is putting real importance on "recuperation time." this is one solid way of telling yourself, that you are regarding yourself really valuable, and valuable things get paid according to their "perceived value" (the market supply of diamonds are being controlled so that they appear to remain rare, therefore their value remains apparently expensive, which in turn gives jewelers lots of money, they are perceived valuable).

  7. According to The Pareto principle, 80% of success requires only 20% of efforts. And I'm confident, to reach this you need to allocate your time right way. For me, this is incredibly vital thing. Not to lose smth or not to forget, I use TMetric time tracking application. It helps me to track my activity level, check diagrams to know how much time needs a particular task. The app keeps me motivated! And I suppose, every person should try such digital helpers.