4 Amazing Benefits Of Napping | Stage Talk by Charlie Morley @MindvalleyTalks

4 Amazing Benefits Of Napping | Stage Talk by Charlie Morley @MindvalleyTalks

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Use your new napping knowledge to enter the wonderful world of Lucid Dreaming. Experience Charlie’s free Lucid Dreaming masterclass? https://go.mindvalley.com/aXvPFzWd

“If you want to change the world…take a nap”. That’s Charlie Morley’s message in this short informative, and entertaining talk from A-Fest 2022 in Jordan.

Charlie will take you through the science and studies behind 5 Amazing Benefits of Napping, where you’ll learn:
✅ Why nappers live longer
✅ How napping reduces risks of heart disease and stroke
✅ The proper length of time and exactly when to nap
✅ A simple solution for people who “just can’t nap”

And so much more…

This is one talk that won’t put you to sleep!

Whether you want to improve your health, optimize your sleep, or learn to lucid dream, Mindvalley Membership gives you access to more than 65 in-depth programs to improve every aspect of your life.

Charlie Morley is a leading authority on the phenomenon of Lucid Dreaming.

In addition to being a bestselling author and teacher, he is the only expert to date to have presented Lucid Dreaming training to key personnel in some of the world’s biggest institutions – including the United States Congress, Cambridge, Oxford, and the British Ministry of Defence.

Charlie’s early experiences with Lucid Dreaming as a teenager were purely recreational – but inspired him to explore various related areas of science and spirituality. At the age of just 25, he was even authorized by Lama Yeshe Rinpoche to become a teacher of the practice.

Today, Charlie has trained in over 20 countries. His books have been translated into 15 languages. He speaks on stages around the world, including TED and Mindvalley University. And he has helped countless people harness Lucid Dreaming as a tool for profound epiphanies, transformations, behavioral changes, and healings – including as a form of remarkably effective treatment for PTSD in war veterans.

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  1. You can alter your environment so that it nourishes you. Start with something little, like leaving out your journal and a pen. Or having a clean teacup ready. Or a blanket that has a soothing scent. Or a clear path to the window to let in some fresh air.

    All these details may sound tiny, but don’t underestimate how things add up. Sow tiny habits into your day as silent as an unnoticed breeze.