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How to Be Comfortable Being Alone | Robin Sharma

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  1. Loneliness is different to some.
    Some people have days where they can take a break from being social and can go back to it at any time when it gets too much. Some people are lonely because they don't have any other choice. I just happen to fall in the latter category.
    They always say "reach out to someone" like they assume everybody has someone – but they don't understand some of us have no one to reach out to.

  2. I liked it until the third year. Where I live you can't see anyone. So I got a part-time job and when I do work I am very happy. I do not believe that people are designed to be alone. I believe that most people who think they are alone Are Not Alone. When you cannot see or hear people then you are alone.

  3. When u r alone then it is ur personal growth …when u feel the pain u release the pain…u always stays with urself..u r your bestfrnd….when u understand urself,stay happy by ur own company then u can understand every relation and sort out everything…ur relationship with urself sets up ur entire relationship with the world

  4. This will help my clients in recovery. Especially towards the end is helps my clients realize that now is the time change generational trauma. Sorry i had to end at 8:40 but thank you for your wisdom!!!

  5. Girlfriend of 4 Years left me recently. We talked about our future all the time even up until the end, when she decided to she wanted to live the party life. I tried talking to other women and all that and it only made me miss her more. This is the true path to growth and recovery from anything. As sad as it sounds, you are the only person you can 100% trust in life, but that should be something were okay with. Stay strong everyone.

  6. there's a limit to this. i am alone pretty much all day every day – I work from home, fairly limited hours. i have absolutely no problem being alone and quiet and with my own thoughts. I've been single most of my life. I've travelled a lot (on my own) and done quite a few different things, probs more than most. but eventually it gets old. going to dinner by yourself, hiking by yourself, travelling by yourself, gardening by yourself, going to the beach by yourself, doing yoga by yourself, cooking by yourself, learning to scuba dive by yourself, seeing a play by yourself, etc etc. it gets old eventually. and it's expensive.

  7. But there are certain wounds that will never heal. I have a lot of those in me… Some probably are from a previous life. I'm so tired… I wish God would delete my soul. I don't want to be part of his machinations any longer.

  8. I have decided to create Time to bé alone because thats where my growth IS. Thé only way to heal a wound id to bé with myself in thé wound feel it and heal it.

  9. Half a century spent in the crafts making fixing stuff, taking the work home is essential, when alone things get done repaired created visualized and prepared for the next day's work, bringing to material reality what the night before was insights dreams and emptiness ~ great human process of creativity ~