3 Words That Can Change Your Life Forever

3 Words That Can Change Your Life Forever

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The way you think about a problem determines your attitude or approach. Watch this vide and learn three words you can use to change your attitude and your approach to any difficulty you face. http://www.briantracy.com/QOTD

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  1. As a psychologist, I’ve discovered that when a person starts a sentence with: “ I feel——“ the situation, problem or challenge begins. Our brain is the first one to hear what we are about to say. Thus, when we start every conversation with “I feel” our brain says to its operating system, “AHA, we need to switch on the “emotions” and then proceed from there. Everything from that point on is internally based on fear, anger, or sadness. Why? Because we started our operating system off by switching on the “emotions” terminal. Example: listen to any reporter asking a person for a response to a situation. They’ll always say, “How do you feel about this?” NEVER do they say, “what do you think about this situation?” Why? Because if they can get you emotionally involved, they can control the response and often lead you in the direction they want you to go. Subtly, and very effectively media has changed our conversations to a direction they can manipulate. No wonder so many do not trust social media! I tell my students: “Change the way you speak and you’ll change your ability to think rather than run
    on having your emotions run your life.”

  2. I am leaving this post here as a form of gratitude, since that is one of the least thing I could do to appreciate the things Mr Silverster Wilfred as done or me Most of us has tried a lot of methods but we keep missing it because we have no personal guide.

  3. Husband yells: "Honey, we got an opportunity!"

    Wife: "What? An opportunity?! What are you doing in there?"

    Husband: "Yes! The opportunity of getting finally one of these high tech japanese toilets. I just destroyed ours."

    Wife disgusted: "I told you that food smelled rotten and that you shouldn't had ate it…."

  4. Instead of “Let it go,” we should probably say “Let it be”; manifestation.guide this recognizes that the mind won’t let go and the problem may not go away, and it allows you to form a healthier relationship with what’s bothering you.

  5. I was having some trouble recently calming manifestation.guide the voices in my mind during my morning meditation. him has a wonderful Scottish accent and a very calming voice. Thanks to his meditation CD's I have gotten back on track and feel a big difference in my meditation practice.

  6. I loved the content of this video so much. Thank you =) I use to be like this until I dealt with such a negative person and it really did drag my life and business ideas down for some time. My sister told me, sis, I use to look up to you more than anyone don't allow him to drag you down anymore. I have always been a positive person with loads of energy and worked my best at anything I did to make things better for all. I love anything that is positive that can help me succeed better in my life. This has really helped me remember who I am!!! <3