How I Beat Procrastination | Robin Sharma

How I Beat Procrastination | Robin Sharma

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  1. OMG opened You Tube for something else and stumbled upon this pot of gold….random selection of precisely what i need to help me stay faithful to my morning routine! Someone somewhere heard my prayers… THANK YOU SO MUCH … i am so attracted to the 5am routine but am in a place where i need to turn the attraction into and Addiction… whomsoever who has brought this to me…thank you and i pray you are bountifully blessed with all of life's seemingly insignificant necessities!!! ?

  2. Great
    Live your own dreams
    Break the chain
    Do impossible things
    1.Magnificent obsession n dream collage
    Easier to dream with coll (95% subcons)
    2. 30 days do something uncomf, write
    Build will
    3. Ex train
    Morn ex, 2nd ex win workout
    4. No distr env
    5. Don't res. Let go

  3. Sir you've been a great inspiration to me, I've read many of your books and now you are now in my list of legends I wanna meet once in my life, and believe me I will!!!
    Thankyou for these great ideas, I sure will apply them.

  4. Practicality is the thing… And your lessons are full of practical knowledge and scientific studies…. I am learning a lot from you..
    Thanks a lot??

  5. Robin Sharma, I think you talk too fast. Try talking slower with a deeper tone of voice, less hyper. People will get the message better. Sort of like a form of hypnotism.

  6. After a long time I got my mentor….lots of gratitude sir….I ll follow yr footpath…….ROBIN SHARMA…….A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS….GOT ALL ANSWERS…..READING ALMOST ALL YR BOOKS SIR THANKS ALOT…..

  7. @ sahil N… From your comment it sounds like setbacks are your nemesis. I am a queen at procrastinating, i know what i need to do, but when faced with an obstacle i back down and fall into the old habits. I do know this, you have to put in the time and effort to rewire your brain. Dont be fooled into thinking its easy. Its a commitment to yourself every day, and every moment of the day. You can read and watch a myriad of books and videos, but you have to put in the work to change.