Trust Me, I’m Lying – Ryan Holiday

Trust Me, I’m Lying – Ryan Holiday

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  1. I'm almost finishing to read this book! I've been thinking about how things work in social media before starting it, and I knew I couldn't trust it anyway. Now, I'm fully convinced that things are really nasty when it comes to TV and the internet. Let's keep our eyes open, so that way we won't be deceived.

  2. I disagree to say drive a country in a wrong direction . He got aggressive style but he does have a lot of common logic and pretty much good achievements so far . So I think it’s. Very subjective point of view which miss lead the viewers .

  3. All of the "woke" kids on Twitter and propaganda sites like Buzzfeed need to understand that their emotions are being manipulated for the sake of clicks and Ad Revenue. The point of sensationalist media isn't to inform, it's to sensationalize.

  4. Your description of the media is correct but when you inject your politics views, that's when you lost me, in this case your view is not universal, they're are intelligent people viewing your site that will disagree with your perception of the country's new direction under the new president.
    Not everybody is a Moran, keep up the good work and keep politics out of this site.

  5. drive the country in the wrong direction? its going in the rightest direction it has in a while. i dont support trump but atleast since he got elected more and more people are getting woke

  6. Like how this guy "knows" Trump is leading thie USA in the wrong direction. Meanwhile he's bringing home our troops, avoiding wars, is a true diplomat, confronting China,EU, NATO etc for ripping us off for decades, ends their gravy train brings back manufacturing jobs to the USA…

  7. So you just used this teaching for voicing your political stance which now discredits all the rest of your rhetoric. You should not have used politics to make your point. It shows how biased you are thus, can not be trusted. The very thing you said, “trust me I’m lying“ is exactly what you just portrayed yourself to be.

  8. what is your point about trump? he manipulates the media? er..99% of his coverage is negative so if he does he doesn't do a good job. more like the media is a racket benefitting the dnc. #TDS

  9. Trump? Tell them how Biden pulled it of to become president. Big Tech. Big Pharma. Or how the media handled COVID-19 or the vaccines. Ah no that didn’t happen right? Ryan Ryan. You are a hypocrite. A great writer though.

  10. Funny seeing Trump as the villain years after this was made. Now we know the media and big tech conspired against him, Russiagate was a hoax and we have a President who is truly taking us in the wrong direction.