“You Are Living in the 5th Dimension” (mind-blowing!!!)

“You Are Living in the 5th Dimension” (mind-blowing!!!)

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5th Dimension EXPLAINED.
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  1. .. one of the best ways to access this so-called Fifth Dimension, is to sit quietly and smoke a good joint… but only an estimated 12% of people are lucky enough to prefer weed.

  2. Yup staying out of the demonic 3D matrix last lesson I needed to get me there fully was another stolen election of the demons they won’t get me ever again fool me once 2020 stolen election shame on you fool me twice shame on me 2022 mid terms I’m done stick a fork in me just focusing on God my beautiful personal relationship with Him and my beautiful spiritual evolution removing myself from this 3D Hell enslavement matrix foreverrrrrrrr sending my love light and good thoughts always ❤️✨

  3. "In taking the steps to Knowledge, you learn how to still the mind, how to listen within yourself and how to discern the voice and the movement of Knowledge from all the other voices in your mind—the voice of your parents, the voice of your teachers, the voice of your culture, the voice of your friends, the voice of your fear, the voice of your desire, the voice of your self-doubt, the voice of your self-criticism—all these other voices that reside within you. And then there is Knowledge."

    A quote from The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 12: Your Purpose and Destiny in a Changing World which is a free online book.I recommend to take a look, it's really powerful.

  4. Here are my personal opinions/thoughts/notes/ insites about the video

    This video is very comforting, which may even get unnoticed by many viewers but I was thinking why is this explanation so likable..like what is there in it that makes me think this is right.
    Here are the 2 reasons why.
    1. Because we humans love when our own personal views are justified and liked by others. But how is it related to our personal views . Right ?
    It is related to them because the narrator speaks of the inner voice and calls it an entity from future or past or some other "special, unknown aka mystic dimension". Where it is like saying..me..( the me who speaks in the head ) is special which almost validates many of the things we say…..
    but but but there is one condition to seek that validation and it is to allign our mind, body and spirit with the internal and external. And… it will result in satisfaction and happiness and more focus towards self help.
    But the problematic part is that we need to do meditation and Journaling which is a great thing and I think introspection results in great results but there is no way to measure it and the only way we to measure it is by measuring the results. So I'd say make sure to do all these keeping in mind that you are doing introspection and expecting results from the life because it is important.
    2. I had always wondered why we get certain thoughts and how they arrive in my head. I'm still unaware of it though but I have some of my own theories, most of them leads to the fact we have to actively force away our brain from distractions like our brain is a mad dog on leash and it is running behind it's target and there are 100 factors affecting it but it is still not able to get fully distracted because of a person holding the leash which is our consciousness and efforts.
    I don't really know what to make of all the information but I'm sure to call all things I mentioned a fact for my reality.

    I want you all to share your thoughts on this and expand the topic more and let's collect all the subject truths of our life to make something out of it. ✌

    Thanks for reading ^^

  5. What we call the 3 dimensions are actually only one dimension: spatiality.
    Other dimensions are color, sound, taste, emotion and thought, etc…
    We barely touch on any of these in our lived experience.

  6. So so so much glad…. to see that mass awakening is happening within human beings individually that creates a whole ripple in the collective consciousness field & therefore Truth can't be hidden anymore. You don't have to discover the truth because it's not outside rather within you, when the realization happened even a little bit, then there is no going back rather ultimate realization will happens for sure. This is we're calling enlightenment.

    "Know thy self" at fist, Then only the truth will unfold to you thus can really live your life rather dragging from curdle to grave out of ignorance. ??? one love.

  7. We are not actually in the body..
    Our Consciousness is tuned to the body with our own unique vibration.
    Just like being tuned into a radio station
    We have our Astal body( pure consciousness) which sees hears and speaks
    which is more real than the reality we live in .
    ….If you think of yourself as Atoms …

  8. I didn't know KRS One was into spiritual knowledge and could give such well articulated speeches. Nice to know that. 🙂 I like the inner-outer self synchronization mentioned at the end. Cheers. 🙂

  9. EM field exists but you can only marvel at it when it produces light. Similarly, human mind may remain awake after death but what’s the implication? You don’t have a source to feed information or to relay it out wards. Might as well just be content with death and hope to resurrect some time later or earlier?

  10. They lost me at Einstein! Space and time are evolutions like remembering the future or the past. There is only now. Constructs a conscious illusion 38 the scenario of space and time. A human construct a three dimensional construct. You are not entirely in your body for it would not fit you would not fit.

  11. Definitely a video to watch,listen,,and feel while remembering what lys beyond the senses is no lie.
    Religious dogmatic thinking would call mystics the devil or demons.
    Materialism has always had political strings pulling people toward a world view that's subjective opinion based that regards conscience as unnecessary.

  12. Ever wake and look around before realizing your eyes are still closed? Ever see the view from a leaf on a tree? Ever feel the warmth of the sun on a lounging cat while looking out the window? Ever bite into a peach and see the person who picked it? We are not confined to our bodies and our bodies are not solely accessible to ourselves. We are all one.

  13. Death is very much a reality, I have been face to face with it several times in my life and if you don't fight your ass off, death will take you. And that is where living your life comes in and if you have anything inside you, the fuller you fill your life with action, the more bountiful your life is. There are your dimensions, in living color.

  14. Is this a joke or something? I am pretty sure that they must have not read the Bible or better yet became in a well relationship with God because anyone can just read it but anyway the Bible touches on all of this and more. Way more actually! Because with that, God‘s word and prayer…seeking his face. A relationship! Then you gain so much more knowledge and wisdom, which is a gift!! Anyway, that’s all

  15. According to certain branches of Hinduism there are 4 layers of thoughts.
    3:Telepathic from other physical being (plants,insects,animals,human,women,etc…
    4: The invisibles

  16. Interesting video. To me, bright light may vibrate in a way that it becomes like sound and I sometimes can hear words of positive guidance or things about my past. It can be brought on by Stress or Depression. Not sure how my brain is miss-wired, but Abiliy fixes that. Please be careful if you think you are in communication with a higher power or have audio/visual hallucinations, you might want to seek professional help