Vishen's Life Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS | One of the Most Eye Opening Speeches Ever

Vishen's Life Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS | One of the Most Eye Opening Speeches Ever

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Vishen, NY Times best-selling author of two books, Founder of Mindvalley, speaker and activist, delivers one of the most eye opening inspirational interviews you will ever year.
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We had the opportunity to interview @Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley. In the interview, Vishen shares his greatest life advice, including why the world is about to go through massive disruption over the next 4 years, why you don’t need a college degree, one of the most important skills in life, why you shouldn’t quit your day job too quickly to work on your business, and how personal growth can completely change your life!

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“Focus on what you want to accomplish, not how you will achieve it and the rest will follow. The bigger your vision is, the easier it gets.”
― Vishen

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Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen is the Founder of Mindvalley, an incredible company helping millions of people experience personal transformation by bringing the world’s top educators under one platform and offering everything from award-winning Quests, to engaging Masterclasses. He went from losing everything at age 24 and “renting a couch for $100 a month” to one of the most incredible entrepreneurs on the planet, building Mindvalley from a little website selling meditation CD’s to a global empire with over 300 employees in over 54 countries, and reaching over 10 million students worldwide – with a goal of reaching 1 billion. His mission is to raise human consciousness, and elevate the key systems that shape humanity’s future.

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  1. To the incredible person that's seeing this, I wish you all the best in life❤ don't over blame yourself, accept things and go forward. Don't let others define what “success” is for you. Get up, learn the skills needed and get after it, all the keys to a happy life is in your hands. Keep pushing.

  2. How could you possibly come up with that statistic??? Made up there is noway to track that. How many people out there would have failed there business had they not quit their 9-5 and go all in on their business… I disagree

  3. oMG !!! Thank you so much channel owner , i really needed this right know i wish you could know i felt when i heard this sentence « you must put your personal growth first it’s more important than your business » i wish you a happy and successful life !

  4. Very informative. Really appreciate it??
    Cheers ? to the Scorpio Pluto generation and Age of Aquarius. Technology is nothing like what it was a year ago, or even 4 months ago. It's changing rapidly. This is only the beginning.

  5. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou
    ? Heart-Based Manifestation YouTuber

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  7. hearing all of this, this applies not just for entrepeneurs but for a hell lot of other people in school, studying etc….
    for me: im almost on the verge of doing my final exams while doing things for my project (or an "e-manga" a closer friend of mine called it) and hearing these advices reminded me of another friend that told me the same: to prioritize the personal growth…and its fairly underestimated after going through one of my own and its some of those things that could pretty much change the world if it wouldve gotten teached in school…which is not the case and also a bit hard to do

  8. Extraordinary person reading this, you are not define by your circumstance or your past. It’s not what happened to you that determines your success in life; it is how you deal with those circumstances that determines your success in life! You are strong, you are capable and practice forgiveness (Forgiveness is for you) and gratitude everyday. This will change the course of your life forever! Love you always and I believe in you wholeheartedly ✨❤️ – Nat

  9. You are so right. I'm not working at this time, kind of quit my job, but I feel like this entrepreneur life will takes forever to achieve my goal, at the same time i feel so stressful and not living in a happy way. I will have to go back to work cuz of your great advice! I always love your content and videos I learned so much from you and I know you are right. So thank you so much for making us do wise things to ourselfies!!

  10. Don't let the first minute scare you, it's okay, nobody knows okay, Allah's there. He's watching over us. What's meant for you will never miss you is what we believe. All you have to do if you're a business owner or starting a business or even going to school, just get a bit more social media presence and that's all by having brand ambassadors who are reliable, for example having hot fitness models both male female who also have real following and have solid core value that is if you own a fitness or nutrition brand. Don't let no one scare you. You Are The Storm. Even a storm starts with baby steps. You got this. Don't leave it to what if, grave yard is full of that. If you're stuck in a rut, break it down to small small baby steps, for example, day 1) just plug in the treadmill, day 2) just start the treadmill, day 3) walk 5 steps on the treadmill. You got this!

  11. Thinking about 2022-2026 like he says is so scary… like that's the length of time it takes to go through high school or do a degree and the world will change as much as it has done in 1000 years.

  12. love this honest advice. A lot of people would quit their jobs and start a business which I thought it was insane. I have a business on the side for 4 years now and I have a full time job. Never it crossed my mind to quit my day job. Even if my business pays me twice more than my day job, I would still think long and hard before I would walk away from my day job. Successful people can withstand working 80 to 100 hours a week unsuccessful people don't.