UNDERSTAND THIS and your life WILL CHANGE (The Little Choices) Motivational Video

UNDERSTAND THIS and your life WILL CHANGE (The Little Choices) Motivational Video

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Narrated by Tyrone Stokes for Fearless Soul
Music Composed by Emil Nilsson for Fearless Soul

“When you get to the end of your life… will you have PRIDE in the consistent choices you made throughout your life? or REGRET in the poor choices that led to a lesser quality of life than you were capable of living?

The little choices you make EVERY DAY add up… In EVERY area of your life… EVERY time… WITHOUT exception. They can add up positively… or negatively.

The choices you make, consistently can add up to a life you love… or a life that is suffering the consequences of bad decisions.

When you add up ALL of your choices over weeks, months, years… a LIFETIME… the difference in the quality of life you live can be VERY different depending on the choices you have made.

It’s never ONE BIG moment that defines your success or happiness in life… it’s the little things… it’s every-thing. EVERY-LITTLE- THING. It’s EVERY choice you make EVERY day.”

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  1. To do, try new experiences, make choices, walk on some different path, and get rid of indecision, fear, being stuck… All that is called: courage!
    Cheque for "a sufi story about indecision: the dog and the path"

  2. Thats why we shouldn't be forced to take the covid vaccine. Its our choice, our body. By not letting us go to the market if we aren't vaccinated, we r being forced indirectly to take this vaccine

  3. Wow!! Very impactful!!
    When I thought about working out every morning or just skipping it, I heard what I need to do.I feel so strong when I work out, and if I do it everyday, my life will look and feel a lot different in one year!! I’m on it. Please always remember to be kind to people!! A smile and a kind word go a long way!

  4. If u fail never give up because F.A.I.L means "First Attempt in Learning".
    End is not the end, infact E.N.D means, "Effort Never Dies".
    If u get No as an answer, remember N.O means, " Next Opportunity" so, let's be POSITIVE.?
    Have a happy journey of life?

  5. So true…I was at the store waiting to buy a pint of chocolate milk, four chocolate muffins and two apple pies; yes, I had a sweet tooth and I knew it was not a good nutritional choice that I was making…but just right before I was about to pay for the items a young over weight couple put their groceries on the counter: 5 large bags of Cheetos and potatoes chips…I saw how happy they were and they were showing their affection for each other…in a way I envied what they had together and I wasn't judging but at the time I wanted to tell them that the choices they were making in eating those items would later cost them more in a way of poor health…of course I didn't say anything except I put back the two apple pies and left them in the counter and kept the milk and muffins. I now understand the power of the compounding effects of your choices.

  6. Subject: Today's children
    1. In the past years, the children showed endless respect to their parents as well to the relatives and others.
    2. At that period the children were taught how to speak, how to deal, how to respect and how to honour the parents as well as the others.
    3. The children learned good things from their parents and dealt accordingly without any hesitations or difficulties. They showed respect to each and everyone.
    4. Today these things has changed or got vanished. In the past the children were taught how to speak and deal with parents and others but today they don't get interest in Learning these good lessons instead they object to learn what the parents teach.
    5. Today the children tell their parents to shut their mouths. Today the children disobeying their parents. Today the children never show respect to their parents. Today the children doesn't even care the parents. Today the children ask their parents to leave the house. Today the children torture their parents. Today the children give endless problems, pains, stress, worries and troubles to their parents and make their eyes to fall into tears, and pain their hearts and minds. These things are widely happening in today's world.
    * today the Old parents has to undergo several difficulties in their life with today's children. Each and every moment the parents are scared of their children.
    Such things didn't happen in the past but today it is happening and these things are quite common.
    No support from the children, no love from the children, no peace from the children and no happiness from the children.
    ? May God safeguard the children, show them the correct path, give them good intentions, good thoughts and good attitudes towards their parents and others. Amin.?
    By: Dawood ✍
    Written on: 13.02.2022

  7. Nice quote "The little choices add up to big things in your life!. Don't just sit all day and keep complaining about the economy or waiting for a miracle. Invest today in something productive for a better future. Remember it's not just about saving money but making profits. Today, I can boast of over one million dollars net worth portfolio, which I achieved through consistency and with the help of a financial advisor.

  8. That is why teenagers have the reason to compete with every decision they make. But not all have developed a resonate with their decisions which led them to greater suffocation in life as I am. Sometimes decisions are made when you are calm and never made a decision while being mad about your life. As a teenager myself I wonder how would a choice allow me to be what everybody else says. I wanted more information about what decisions you make as a teenager yourself like me. For my research, can someone comment and share some experiences with their greatest decision of any sort. Thank you