TriSync™ Scientifically Enhancing Guided Meditations Beyond Binaural Beats

TriSync™ Scientifically Enhancing Guided Meditations Beyond Binaural Beats

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This is a video about Trisync™ Audio Technology invented by Rugged Human®. It is a audio technology that embeds specific frequencies in a guided meditation audio track to enhance the meditation experience. This technology is a new way of using guided meditation techniques and taking them a step further than the other types of free meditations simply using binaural beats.

Simply put, TriSync™ is a NEW and IMPROVED method to maximize the results of meditation and areas that you are focusing on in your meditations. The science is explained in detail in the next sections. TriSync™ can be used to accentuate any frequency. However, it’s most significant impact is when it is correlated with the natural frequencies that our brains emit during certain task oriented ways of thinking. Particularly, Gamma, Beta, Theta, and Delta frequency distributions.

WHY TriSync™ Is Different Than The Thousands Of Other Meditations Available Online?
• Go beyond your conscious awareness FASTER
• Quickly PRIME your brain for learning & retention
• Improve your FOCUS for tasks, self awareness, or mindfulness
• Lower your HEART rate faster

Meditation and meditation exercises is not only for monks, mystics, and individuals who may have chosen a contemplative life. Sports stars, actors, and regular people worldwide meditate. Just look at the TV or Facebook to see how many people of all types meditate regularly.

The science behind TriSync™ is here:

Brain waves are the evidence of electrical activity produced by your brain. When a group of neurons
sends a burst of electrical pulses to another group
of neurons, it creates a wave-like pattern. These
waves are measured in speed cycles per second,
which we describe as Hertz (Hz).

Depending on how awake and alert you are, the
waves might be very fast, or they might be very
slow. They can and do change, based on what
you’re doing and how you’re feeling.
The fastest brain waves are waves known as
gamma waves. These brain waves are proof that
your brain is hard at work, processing information
and looking for solutions to problems.

When deeply immersed in a complex project or
intent on a listening to an expert, one is highly alert
and highly focused. Your brain is, as the old
expression goes, firing on all cylinders.
Gamma Wave Production (GWP) helps you process
information. Ancient Wisdom demonstrates
scientifically higher parieto-occipital 60–110 Hz
gamma amplitude than control subjects as a trait
effect observed during meditation.
Moreover, this Gamma Power was positively
correlated with participants meditation experience.

What it means:
TriSync™ Audio uses cutting-edge technology
methods focusing on Gamma Wave Production
(GWP) to generate audio layers that are at a
strategic dBHL.
Normal hearing range is from 0 dBHL (Decibel
Hearing Level), which is the audiometric zero, to 20
TriSync™ Audio produced audio that is
subconsciously in Gamma Wave Production (GWP)

Activation of the auditory cortex (AC) by a given
sound pattern is plastic, depending, in largely
unknown ways, on the physiological state and the
behavioral context of the receiving animal and on
the receiver’s experience with the sounds. Just think of the mother’s heartbeat.

What it means: When we hear certain sounds they bypass our own
conscious awareness and go directly into our primal
TriSync™ Audio Technology taps into our primal brain by using simulated Human RMS (Recorded
Maternal Sounds) to more quickly prime our brains
for learning and retaining information gained in
Rugged Human Meditations.

Research shows in time-series analysis that mother and infant
coordinate heart rhythms within lags of less than 1
s. This position activates the right hemisphere of the
brain, which is involved in functions that help in
communication and bonding. The “positional bias” is not unique to humans, with
their advanced brains, but is also found in animals,
according to researchers like Dr. Yegor Malashichev
of Saint Petersburg State University. Studies have demonstrated a connection between
emotions and bodily signals such as heart rate.

What it means:
To listen to your own heartbeat, you need a
stethoscope. But someone else’s heartbeat can
easily be heard when placing your ear against their
chest. Hearing the heartbeat immediately makes you feel less lonely, more calm and safe.
This is so important because TriSync™ Technology
uses this principle in every audio soundtrack
created for Rugged Human Meditations to lower
heart rate.
To learn more about TriSync™ check out our website:
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Jerod Foos

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