TIM STOREY| One Of Most Compelling Speeches! (so inspiring)

TIM STOREY| One Of Most Compelling Speeches! (so inspiring)

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  1. Set back is necessary but only a conscious mind will appreciate it's happenings. Our fullest potential cannot be realised without being in a position where we have to give it all we have. What we sometimes fail to understand is that there are layers about us that is unknown and only when provoked, manifest. I encourage us all to not seek to imitate anyone. MANIFEST what you already possess and then nurture and develop it. Have a great day extraordinary beings.

  2. All of this is true and matter of factly explained. The only problem is that someone who needs this message will not properly hear it. The speaker seems more focused on his own ideas than helping someone else. Your mess can become your message? Sounds good. Helps no one. And the mother Theresa example is laughable. Nice try. This guy is a C- motivator.

  3. You my dear Tim Storey. Alll those years back you changed something within me. Back In Sweden at an awesome event you participated in. I was blessed and had some moments speaking with you on a break of your sessions. It changed my mind and thereby my life. Many men can write books about success the issue is that most of them get it wrong, at least from what I believe and have seen. Listen, learn and grow. What would life be without learning and the ability to grow? Again this short video has such valuable keys in it if we just pause and really listen. Thought, Feeling, Action, Result. And what can better form and clean our thoughts than looking deep inside ourselves within peace and gratitude with the will and ability to create value? Amen! You my dear Sir are REAL! THANK YOU!

  4. Do you know how much money the so called mother Theresa had on her bank account? Please do your research better then you will know the hidden secrets.