“This Relates to Almost All Diseases”| Dr. Mark Hyman

“This Relates to Almost All Diseases”| Dr. Mark Hyman

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Do You Have These Symptoms?
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Full interview: https://youtu.be/kXF5S1QpoG4
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0:00 Causes of health problems
2:48 Gut Health
5:38 SIBO
6:52 Gut Test
7:58 How Long it Take to Heal
8:52 What To Eat
13:39 Watch Next

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Dr. Mark Hyman
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Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?
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  1. Im just learning about living soils for gardening. When learning about it, my subconscious made a connection and wondering if we have our own microbiology. And if we can take care of ourself the same way as the soil. Managing micro organisms, bacteria and fungi, vitamins, minerals, and hydration.
    Now I find this video shortly after lol! Gotta love it!

  2. I maintain dental health by rinsing with diluted iodine for 60 seconds after brushing and flossing. Swishing with coconut oil afterwards is a great way to complete the regimen.

  3. My husband has had c-diff twice as a result ulcerative colitis and then it returned as a result of the hospital putting him on an antibiotic for a UTI that he never had. He has since started taking probiotics and fortunately it hasn’t returned. It was very scary…he lost a lot of weight and had a “cardiac episode.” His doctors have him on Pentasa but never recommended the probiotics, I just wanted him to try it. I’m still worried that if he is prescribed an antibiotic in the future it could return.

  4. The modern wheat is much different than the old wheat which had a different gluten amount-plus the sprays that are put on the wheat..