This Is How Powerful Your Thoughts Are and Most People Don't Know This!

This Is How Powerful Your Thoughts Are and Most People Don't Know This!

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The Amazing Power of Your Mind – A MUST SEE!
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  1. During this hard times of covid pandemic, this is the most positive thing I've seen. Thank you for sharing such an influential and motivational video…….

  2. Nobody could break the 4min mile for a 1000 years? The mile was not a standard measure nor did people take up running to break records 1000yrs ago.

  3. I got off work this morning…..I started thinking about what can I do different today……I decided to be as conscious as possible at every thought…yes I know it sounds impossible… can be done…even if I miss the mark…im gonna keep goin…..

  4. One of my favorite affirmations is :

    I am abundance.
    I am abundance .
    I am abundance.
    I am abundance.

    Believe that you’re abundant and lack nothing. God gave you the gift of life, and our thoughts can make our break the journey we’re on❤️❤️

  5. This is awsome…. its made goosebumps….. oh… god am on the right channel…. thankyou….and expecting more about the brain subjects…❤❤❤

  6. Of course the 4 minute mile was impossible for hundreds of years. So was a body like Arnold's. Or under 10 seconds for 100m. But then there's medicine, steroids, etc. Yes, the mind is very powerful, but without the muscle it's useless. Try showing this video to a man that's paralyzed, then let's see if he's able to run. Tell any man (without cybernetic implant) to punch a very thick steel door, because he can break it. Tell someone that he can be shot in the chest and his skin will stop the bullet…

  7. Practicing this Law to change my life. Open your mind and your subconscious to guide these beautiful path named Existence we are our own filmmakers get your personal Oscar and celebrate your achievements discovering your real purpose in life wishing you all the best. Greetings from another realm and don't forget to be happy

  8. It is all true! A lot of people are not aware of that! Some of them are thinking of bad things, bad things come back in their lives and makes them think even more bad things. So its something like a magic wheel that could turn in either directions but the initial turn depends mainly on us. It is all our merit which way we will choose. The successful people possess constructive, consequent and target-oriented thinking. They don't think it "how" or "is it possible", they think it "it will".