There Is Nothing More Powerful Than A Human Being With PURPOSE! (Motivational Video)

There Is Nothing More Powerful Than A Human Being With PURPOSE! (Motivational Video)

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  1. Great great then you can your dreams and all that you need in life to always have your head & conquer the needs to what you want . What what you need for a better you. wants that bring you love peace patience arrives when you least expected life it will bring all in the
    Needs too you and more. Work hard home duties. That's working getting paid for your labour is a job for you money for expendisure not expensive material to be who you are not a copycat the job pays the money while other the owners feast
    Either way they have reached their success. Wether it's right or wr
    A tcat
    the business man or woman

  2. You people are more worried about my soul mate than I am god will bring my soulmate to me when it’s time and right now I’m leaving it to him I ask all the time yes but I’ already know I perfect time is the answer but it lets him know I still have desire and passion probably just as much for myself as anyone are anything

  3. Please develop something for elderly people like me (76yo), who seem to have run out of purpose and meaning, who have few if any friends, whose family doesn't visit, whose religion (or lack of one) and politics make them an outsider in their community.

  4. My purpose is to become the godly version of me, become a god and nobody can take that away from me, I will keep on tryna find myself and I will one day. BELIEVE THAT

  5. Knowing your hard and soft skills, transferable skills, 21st century skills etc its finding a purpose for them and finding your place in the world accordingly. The world makes way for the man who knows where he's going.???