The secret to being a successful freelancer | The Way We Work, a TED series

The secret to being a successful freelancer | The Way We Work, a TED series

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Too often, freelancers are told they have to choose between being creative or making money. Financial expert Paco de Leon debunks this thinking — and gives practical advice on how you can set yourself apart and get paid what you deserve.

The Way We Work is a TED original video series where leaders and thinkers offer practical wisdom and insight into how we can adapt and thrive amid changing workplace conventions.

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  1. Capitalism isn't the problem. Entertainment & Art are very competitive industries it takes little capital or barrier to entry. Stars can be found on the street singing, performing, ect.. She goes on to give good market advice which is super ironic lol.

  2. I’m highly favored that I was opportune to have met dr Onosetale on YouTube who helped me beat Alzheimer disease with his herbal supplement that I took for 3 weeks and it worked perfectly well…..

  3. For 35+ years, I've worked for myself, shown MASSIVE creativity, demonstrated excellence and proficiency in absolutely everything that I ever attempted and accomplished, and… I completed tons of unique, "never-once-attempted" accomplishments. ZERO FUGGZZ NOR DOLLARZZ WERE GENERATED. ??????

    I recently published my first novel (145k words, 50 chapters, 400+ pages, 55+ hand-drawn images). It was based on my screenplay, and encapsulates YEARS of development, planning, grueling work and ingenuity. First in a series. ZERO FUGGZ GIVEN. ?

    It is what it is. The Universe does not care. You are either noticed and successful, or, invisible, pathetic, and poor. You have NO say nor influence in the matter. I don't care what anyone tries to purport: if you're successful, it's 99.5% based on LUCK. Who you knew, what environment you lived in, who knocked on your door, etc. Entirely on luck. Nothing more.

  4. She says she hates capitalism, where else do you have the freedom to freelance like this? In what other system can you make a decent living doing something purely for entertainment? The government isn’t going to hire you to be “unproductive” and make art. Capitalism is not perfect but I don’t see how you hate it when it’s the reason the art industry is bigger than ever.

  5. I just want to share another thought. You said in your opening line that you are not a fan of capitalism. It is because of capitalism that you can be successful on Youtube…you can be VERY successful, or not so much. It all depends upon you, your creativity and the value you choose to bring. I find that fact alone to be in great contrast to your opening comment.