“The REAL Law of Attraction” Bruce Lipton #shorts

“The REAL Law of Attraction” Bruce Lipton #shorts

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  1. Yeah the only problem with this is you cannot get to Carnegie hall without practice. I dont take advice from wimpy old con artists in the new age movement. Sorry.

  2. I think if something isn't happening the way you want it's because you are conflicting with someone else's expectation, I find if it relates to a big company then that's alot of minds and wheels to move to get what you want

  3. Hey guys, whenever I was yelling at you I was just being one of the great comedians. That's how they called it because we are in worse condition. Comparatively that's your left and right hands. That's why I was freaking out about why are all those community human rights violations happening anywhere let alone all kinds of places

  4. That's deep! ?I always wonder why some things come easy and others despite all the effort just don't show up. Is there a way to reprogram the subconscious or whatever it is???

  5. Just imagine a society, world filled with Spiritual understanding people who are dedicated to help eachother and help to grow in their life. Without any Greed, Jealousy, anger … just pure intention for accomplishment for one another.

  6. You get what you care about most! That is it. People say they want things like money, health, happiness but they don't get it simply because they don't care enough to do what is necessary to achieve it.

  7. What about everything I hate comes to me, Iike Animals I move somewhere where there cats and Dogs All over , I want to be married to a kind loving caring gentle generous man ?