The Powerful Message That Brought This School To Tears

The Powerful Message That Brought This School To Tears

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The Simple Message That Every Student and Young Person Needs to See by Marc Mero.
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Marc Mero is a motivational speaker, Author and a former WWE Wrestling Champion. Marc shares his captivating journey with audiences worldwide and inspires people to examine their life choices. Everyone faces adversity. “It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up. You can do anything you set your mind to!”

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  1. I want my father in my life. I remember always playing basketball and running and playing video games with him. But as i got older and him and my mom divorced we just drifted apart. I tried to mend the relationship but there were too many forces at work keeping us at a distance. Now we only text every other couple months. He was my hero and best friend as a kid, but when i became a man he was just a guy who helped give birth to me and nothing more. I wanna go see him now. But i will not be genuinely welcomed to stay.

  2. Thanks a lot motivation2study for all the support, for helping me with my consistency and made me hold life by the horns when I wanted to give up.” DONT SAY WHY ME, SAY TRY ME”
    Keep it up
    Thank you

  3. Father is the most special gift of our life. Love you my dad. A dad face is already 90% solution of every problem of his children.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????……….????

  4. i am in 3rd year in college…right now i m confused about my life, i need help 😐 …. this days my college is just a mess …so every year the same things happens when exams comes nobody wants to examinate they lock the departement ….the student who locks the departement are the ones who never study …..and my father won t let me go to france or somewhere else to continue my studying… just feel like i am studying for real ……so i dont know what to d …someone give a solution pleaaaaaaase aaahhhhhh 🙁 ………(sorry if my english is bad )

  5. That lecture is good for the younger nation of west. They dont have any family values. Here We Muslims Live with Mom And Dad Till their Last Day , Till their last breath we are with them. Because our Beautiful Islam Taught us all that.

  6. Dude …..I was watching this video only for front of my whole family…wid earphones in my ears…and suddenly this video make me cry..tears flowing down my cheeks…nd then everyone starts me asking what happened.nd then booommm??

  7. I never met my real dad & my step dad treated me so bad he ended up getting divorced. This similar issue happened to my grandpa. He died as soon as my mom and grandma got to the hospital.

  8. I would call my father,Go see him,Spend time with him. But he’s in prison even though he shouldn’t be. I can only talk to him if he calls me. There’s also a lot of rules when you are in prison so it’s not like he can call me when he wants to. Idk if this makes sense. I miss my dad a lot. I can’t even go see him because I don’t have a job a license to drive or anything like that plus I live far away from the prison. Times are more than tough. These are not excuses btw it’s just life. This all happened at a bad time in my life.

  9. Hi to whoever is reading this, I hope your day is going well. And if it isn’t, just know that God has the final say. No matter what you’re going through right now, just keep your head high and trust in God. Even if you don’t believe in God, may blessings still follow you. I hope this makes your day even a little better. May God continue to bless and keep you all. ???