The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown

The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown

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Brené Brown studies human connection — our ability to empathize, belong, love. In a poignant, funny talk at TEDxHouston, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity. A talk to share.

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  1. Hello I go to whea reply if you're also here because Ms. Sale sent you & you're bored so you looked through the comments & clicked newest

  2. Vulnerability is the core of fear & disappointment but is also a birthplace of creativity, love & belonging, connection etc . Thanks Brene, this is an amazing Talk of all times….

  3. Half of the people here are talking about how this is so important & how they needed it in their lives & the other half are talking about how they were forced to watch this because of their therapist

  4. I don't necessarily believe I'm worthy of love and belonging and yet I feel loved. Doesn't anyone understand what Grace is? You have to join the community like a church or something. That has been absolutely essential for me, especially if you don't have a family of your own. And you have to embrace the shame that you feel and use it to reform yourself because it comes from within and it's telling you something, to stop doing what you're doing that's wrong, otherwise you wouldn't have the shame that comes from within. Anything else is pride, and pride is a huge blocker of connection. So many people don't know what Grace is or sin is. These two things are absent from our modern lexicon but they put a huge role in my being now and in my connection with others. Try to serve others because if you're serving others you'll always be welcome and honored but that again requires not having too much pride

  5. Guys! I think this message is hugely misguided for men! Its primarily addressed towards the healing of feminine being. It doesn't address the true needs of men.

    Its true that "being seen as weak" is the fear of men but a woman will never understand how visceral it is for a man and how much it can drive him.

    For men, being vulnerable is NOT about allowing to be seen as imperfect – that's for women. For men, vulnerability is about choosing to strengthen those aspects of himself that are currently weak.. He may NEVER talk about it – and that's ok. But, the very action of a man, who feels weak and scared, yet chooses to strengthen IS true vulnerability for man.

    Equally, men are designed to be brothers. We understand each other and its in our blood to give strength to our brother when he needs it and never expose or betray him in his weakness..

    Women may never fully understand all this about us and that's ok. But, I hope men here continue to focus on healing and strengthening themselves cuz trust me – your life is indeed tough and we only have each other and God mostly

  6. This tedtalk ripped me open, spilled my guts in front of me, showed me what was wrong, and the helped me piece myself back together while showing me how to keep it all okay. How I can continue to make it okay and good for myself and by and large, others, and I loved every second of it.

  7. This is often exactly how we learn what we might never learn … by listening to others, whether you agree with any of them or not. "To listen" isn't really about proving who is right or wrong (even though that's what we often do(, but that it sparks, ignites ideas, thoughts, angles, perspectives outside of our own, of which, then generate further awareness within YOU! And when that third eye opens, it leads to greater levels of awareness – there isn't merely a single level; think flight of stairs. And what really can fling it all wide open is when you realize that we are all connected, we are all one. If you can't see how the dots connect, it's a long road to travel, until you do. Plus, once you do, you can't believe how you missed seeing it before. Something as simple as believing all things are possible, just widens your lens. We limit our own view/mindset when we refuse all other perspectives as not so. Don't short yourself bc you are the only one that can. Kind of like being stubborn – you miss out on a lot bc you made it so. How many times have you heard self or others say, "My God, had I only known or realized that (whatever it was) long ago!" There is no end to learning, nor awareness. It's the light.

  8. My therapist recommended me this video, as I'm struggling with vulnerability, shame, dissociation and anger. Berne really opened my eyes. She's an incredible communicator and researcher!

  9. People get a strong sense of love and belonging at home/family. This is bogus that they believe they are worthy of love and belonging. How can you believe something if you have never experienced it in a home/family? You destroy family and home, and you have 100s of millions of broken people. All these 'researchers' don't want to talk about the elephant in the room.

  10. I just started a really intense program in college and had a tough day in the lab, went home and felt unmotivated to study. My relationship is a mess and most importantly, I felt extremely lonely.
    Wanted to change things up so I searched for this video, which I have initially watched 6 years ago and I remember it was inspiring.
    Watched the whole video, tears run down my face and I realized that I was being too harsh on myself and forgot to be grateful for what I have.
    Thank you Brene, you have taken me out of the dark place and I will rewatch this video for the stormy days to come. Life is not easy but gotta have fun and enjoy it while we can. If you are struggling like me, I genuinely hope things turn up for you and you can find the light in your life. Best wishes!!!!